uCloudLink Expands to North America — Partnership With Cello Mobile

By McKenzie Carpenter Monday, February 15, 2021

The tech industry is constantly searching for new innovative ways to connect people and industries, solve problems, or simplify complicated elements. uCloudlink is an example of a subscriber identity module, or SIM, technology business that created a mobile data traffic sharing marketplace for the telecommunications industry. Due to a recent partnership with Cello Mobile International, the company will be able to bring its services to North America.

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What Is uCloudlink?

uCloudlink is a mobile technology business that offers a marketplace for sharing mobile data based on Cloud SIM technology. The founders of the company wanted to create Cloud SIM technology that would allow people to stay in touch regardless of weak Internet connection, insecure public connection access, or high roaming costs.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the business raised $32.6 million at IPO. Additionally, the Cloud SIM technology company has an estimated net worth of $358.98 million. The business already has a decent market share in Japan, Europe, and the US.

The Cloud SIM technology business has had considerable success in the US with its app, GlocalMe. The app is a mobile data connection solution service that provides a stable network, flexible data, secure connection, and easy in-app management. Since the mobile app has some popularity growth in the US, it led to a partnership with Cello Mobile International.

Business Partnership With Cello

Since the Cloud SIM technology company and its mobile app have grown in popularity in the US, the business announced it is partnering with Cello Mobile International. Cello is a telecommunications business that provides mobile data and international cell phone services for travelers in the US and Canada.

Furthermore, this partnership will help the Cloud SIM tech company and its app capitalize on the huge data traffic market in the US. The US accounted for over 26.9% of the global mobile data traffic industry in 2020 — 9.5 million terabytes per month in 2020.

This partnership comes on the heels after the company revealed the mobile app had doubled its local ecommerce website traffic in the last six months, and the number of American users of the app reached a new high in the final quarter of 2020. With this new partnership, the Cloud SIM technology company’s focus turns to using Cello’s existing customer base to continue its growth.

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