Uber to Add 20,000 New Drivers in the UK as Demand Swells in Aftermath of Pandemic

By Thomas Price Thursday, April 29, 2021

With vaccinations all over the globe ramping up to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, many nations are finally seeing reopenings and a return to more normal business operations. As a result, more consumers are traveling to bars and restaurants as they resume their participation in entertaining activities. This is especially true in the United Kingdom (UK), where vaccination efforts have been particularly effective. With the increase in travel and activity in the region once again, rideshare company Uber has been experiencing a major surge in business. The company has recently announced plans to bring on an additional 20,000 drivers to meet this demand.

A rideshare driver in her car.

Uber in the UK

The rideshare company has over 70,000 drivers spread out over the UK. However, this is proving to be insufficient following the easing of pandemic restrictions that took place on April 12th. Since then, the company has seen the necessity for rides from drivers increase by 50% all over the UK. That demand looks to increase even more in the coming weeks as well, with another larger easing of restrictions planned to be lifted on June 12th if infection rates remain low over the next month.

In response to this major spike in business, the rideshare company has made plans to bring on an additional 20,000 drivers over the next few weeks. This would bring the total number of active drivers in the UK to 90,000.

The new employees would also be privy to a series of benefits that would be fairly new to the UK after a court ruled the drivers for Uber to be workers and not self-employed. These new benefits would include things such as holiday pay and pensions provided by the company.

Uber is rapidly trying to expand its business following the lows it experienced during the pandemic. The rideshare company is adding new products and increasing employee numbers outside of the UK as well.

Hiring Outside of the UK and New Business Plans

With reopenings also beginning all over the United States (US), Uber has aggressively been hiring within the country. The rideshare business is offering several different incentives, including a sign-up bonus.

Outside of new hirings, the company has been making several new business plans to help build up and diversify its revenue. One of those new plans has been to offer full car rental services. The new service from the business, called Uber Rent, will allow for in-app rentals of vehicles from companies such as Hertz and Avis. The new business venture from Uber will be launched next month in Washington DC.

Another new initiative from Uber will be through a business partnership with Walgreens. Users will now be able to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through the Uber app. From there, the app will provide reminders and notifications as well as help schedule a ride to and from the vaccine appointment location.

These new plans from Uber will all play a significant role in the rideshare company to increase drivers, maintain users, and ultimately — help it recover fully from the struggles it faced last year.

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