Tynt Technologies, Which Develops Blackout Dynamic Windows, Nabs $8.5 Million in Funding

By Adriaan Brits Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Tynt Technologies, a Colorado-based startup that developed the next generation of smart windows, announced that it raised $8.5 million in business funding through private financing and federal grants.

Tynt Technologies, Inc Chief Scientist, Professor Mike McGehee, and CEO, Ameen K. Saafir.

Blackout Dynamic Windows Increase Privacy, Comfort, and Save Energy

The startup company is working to develop the first ever blackout dynamic window. With the climate crisis worsening each year, dynamic windows have been identified as a potential way to cut greenhouse gas emissions by around 4% annually, according to the US Department of Energy.

The technology behind dynamic windows has been around for years. However, high costs, poor privacy, and other issues have negatively impacted its adoption. Tynt, led by CU Boulder Professor Mike McGehee and former Halio Head Engineer Amen Saafir, is pioneering an innovative technology.

The startup company aims to provide its customers with the ability to black out their windows in just a few seconds. This increases privacy, comfort, and energy efficiency while offering a modern look at an affordable price. 

Ameen is the CEO who is leading the startup company to fulfill its potential and helping it scale its metal electrodeposition (RME) technology. 

"Teaming up with my former graduate school advisor to commercialize Tynt's unique technology was a no-brainer,” said Ameen.

“By leveraging RME we can provide truly neutral color and full privacy at incredibly low cost, while meeting personal design standards for homes and having a positive impact on the environment. We are also thrilled to bring on climate-sector investors who are fully aligned with our main goals of sustainability and universal accessibility,” Ameen added.

McGehee, who also serves as the company’s top scientist, has almost a decade of experience in developing dynamic windows. McGehee and his university research group took a different path when they started developing the dynamic windows technology five years ago. 

He and his team realized that they were able to design color-neutral windows with better light transmission and because of their low-temperature solution-based method, they managed to drastically reduce costs. 

“I called Ameen to get his perspective on our approach. When he saw our technology in person he committed on the spot,” said McGehee.

After Tynt Technologies secured $1.5 million in business funding from angel investors, the company has raised an additional $5.5 million in seed funding led by Prime Impact Fund and Starlight Ventures. The startup business closed the seed funding round in August of this year, after which Dr. Johanna Wolfson, co-founder and Principal of Prime Impact Fund, joined Tynt’s board of directors. 

Moreover, Tynt received a further $1.5 million from the United States Department of Energy, under the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies (BENEFIT) grant. These funds were awarded to 44 projects across the US that aim to cut energy bills by developing innovative energy-efficient technologies. 

The fresh business funding will provide the Colorado-based startup company with the necessary capital to launch the first-ever blackout dynamic windows in the near future.


Startup company Tynt Technologies announced it secured a total of $8.5 million in business funding through private financing and government grants. Raised business funding will be used to develop the first-ever blackout dynamic window.

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