Tsu Collaborates With Amazon Web Services as Company Looks to Change Social Media

By Thomas Price Sunday, February 7, 2021

Social media companies and platforms have changed drastically for users in recent years. With the ability to now create revenue through content, advertising, and sponsored posts, owning and operating a popular account has become a business on its own. However, nearly all social media platforms take all the revenue that is actually generated from the post forcing users to have to earn revenue from outside sources. Tsu is a new social media platform with an app built to reward users for the revenue they generate from posting. The company recently partnered with Amazon Web Services in a move that should hopefully boost business through live streams and a scheduled event with former NFL players this upcoming Sunday.

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Tsu’s App and Business Model

Tsu is a private startup company that recently created and launched a social media app built to reward users for their content and followers. The startup achieves this by offering a “Support Me” button next to all posts made by a user. If one of their followers clicks on the button, a short ad will play, bringing in money. That money is then split 50/50 between Tsu and the user who posted the content. This 50% revenue split is a major point of interest for new users, as no other social media company offers anything similar.

The company also offers other business-friendly features to incentivize growth and build the platform. The largest of these other features is the company’s personalized storefront, where users will receive a payout rate of 50% of affiliate commissions. Tsu also provides a free suite of analytics tools to help users create strong content for their followers. The company’s business model is hopefully meant to garner a significant user base. The social media app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Tsu’s Collaboration With Amazon Web Services and Upcoming Plans

Startup Tsu recently announced that the company will be collaborating with Amazon Web Services by using Amazon Interactive Video Service. This collaboration will allow for the business to set up interactive live video streams, which will first be seen in a big game pre-show taking place on February 7th at 1 p.m. Eastern time. The show will feature many professional football alums such as Tiki and Ronde Barber, Montel Williams, Tino Martinez, Erik Kuselias, JP Peterson, Rob Weingarten, and Brady Ackerman.

Tsu’s collaboration will serve as a major jumping-off point for the business as celebrity names will work to boost credibility and bring eyes to the app.

When commenting on the newest event, the social media platform, and its business benefits, former NFL player and current Tsu Ambassador Tiki Barber said, “Whether it's compensating student-athletes for their content, showcasing creators, like me, on its Tsū Live TV channel, or embracing sports enthusiasts by providing creative ways to stream experiences like the 'Big Game,' Tsū is leading and changing the way professional content creators monetize social media."

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