Investors Back Startup Company TryNow With $12 Million Series

By James White Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Though it is common practice to try on clothes before you buy them, it’s not always possible, especially given safety precautions in effect at many physical clothing companies and businesses due to the pandemic. As the ecommerce business continues to grow, many consumers are turning to online companies for wardrobe upgrades, though it is often hard to purchase the right size without trying it on first. Luckily, startup business TryNow is bringing the ability to try before you buy to Shopify Plus ecommerce clothing companies. The startup company raised $12 million in new capital from investors in a recent Series A.

“Could you imagine an in-person shopper having to swipe their credit card before taking items into a fitting room? It is completely unnatural, yet this is exactly what we are asking of online shoppers,” says Benjamin Davis, founder and CEO of TryNow. “Removing uncertainty before purchasing allows brands to unlock the power of in-store retail for consumers—all from the comfort of their own homes.”

The latest batch of financing for the startup business was driven by Shine Capital, Craft Ventures, SciFi VC, and Third Kind as well as Zachary Perret and William Hocke, co-founders of fintech company Plaid. In addition to raising new capital for the business, TryNow also announced two new senior executives: former Stitch Fix strategy manager Jessica Baier and Jonathan Kayne, who was previously Head of Product Partnerships at Affirm.

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Buy Clothing Digitally, but Try It on First

TryNow was founded by Davis in 2018 to give online clothing companies and small businesses a chance to compete with giants like Amazon, which affords its Prime users the ability to try on clothing before paying.

The TryNow platform offers a host of features that are easily integrated into online storefronts. Businesses can use the software from the startup company to allow customers to check out with carts valuing $0, then set the desired length of the trial period that offers customers the opportunity to see if they like the items enough to keep. The software from the ecommerce startup is compatible with a number of other fintech tools such as buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) services from companies like Afterpay and Klarna.

TryNow claims that its platform is capable of producing a 22% higher conversion rate for its users, in addition to a 63% increase in average order value. The startup company has already partnered with ecommerce businesses, including Universal Standard, Roolee, and Western Rise.

“TryNow has quickly become a key driver of growth and profitability for our business, and we are thrilled to have them as a strategic partner,” said Universal Standard CEO Polina Veksler.

Challenging Titans in the Bustling Industry

TryNow levels the playing field for ecommerce startups and small online retailers in the clothing business. Previously, try-before-you-buy platforms were developed as in-house solutions by ecommerce companies like Amazon and Stitch Fix. However, the San Francisco startup aims to make the model more widely available as market research projects the ecommerce fashion industry to reach $672.71 billion in 2023.

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