Tripadvisor & Reckitt Partner to Help Tourism and Hospitality Businesses Manage Post-Pandemic Surge

By McKenzie Carpenter Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Traveling became one of the most at-risk activities for contracting and spreading COVID-19. As a result, the tourism and hospitality industry took an especially large hit due to government restrictions. Tripadvisor and Reckitt, the maker of Lysol, announced today a partnership to help businesses in this industry handle a post-pandemic travel surge.

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About Each Company

Tripadvisor is an American travel and app company that allows customers to recommend and book hotels, flights, transportation, restaurants, and travel experiences. The app company claims it is the world’s largest travel guidance platform and has more than 884 million reviews for nearly 8 million businesses listed on its platform. Tripadvisor is worth an estimated $6.86 billion.

Reckitt is a British multinational consumer goods company that produces products in the health, hygiene, and nutrition sectors. Some of the brands the business produces are Lysol, Woolite, Durex, Mucinex, and Veet, among others. The business has more than 43,000 employees with the mission of making the world a cleaner and healthier place. Reckitt is worth an estimated $46.17 billion.

Today, the travel app company and the consumer goods business announced they would be teaming up to help the 8 million businesses listed on Tripadvisor prepare for a post-pandemic surge in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Restoring Traveler Confidence

As cleanliness became a huge concern for people over the last year, the main goal of this new partnership between the travel app company and consumer goods business is to make customers at the app company’s 8 million businesses feel safe while traveling again through proper disinfection education and processes.

Christine Maguire, general manager and vice president of global media business at Tripadvisor, said, “Throughout this pandemic, our research has shown that the safety and cleanliness is a critical factor for consumers as they get back to dining and traveling...By evangelizing this consumer insight to our trusted partners like Lysol, we hoped to support millions of travel and hospitality businesses looking for guidance. We will connect business owners to Lysol’s expertise and valued advice - in turn educating business on how to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and at the same time, helping our consumers feel safe to travel and dine out again.”

As part of this partnership, Tripadvisor and Reckitt will offer science-backed industry advice to educate accommodation providers, educational materials for proper disinfection processes, as well as Lysol Disinfection and Sanitization Kits. There are five different cleaning kits for a variety of businesses and consumer needs available through an ecommerce portal.

E. Yuri Hermida, executive vice president of North America hygiene for Reckitt, said, “We share a common vision with Tripadvisor – to educate and inform businesses on advanced disinfection protocols that will help renew traveler confidence. Lysol and Tripadvisor are both committed to supporting business owners and travelers through these challenging times which is why we're delighted to announce this new partnership.”

The partnership between Reckitt and the travel app company is set to begin immediately in the United States (US), with global expansion plans in the coming months.

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