Top Tier Capital Partners Raises $310 Million for New European-Focused Investment Fund

By Thomas Price Friday, May 14, 2021

Venture capital funding in Europe has been privy to historic highs over the past several months. With new unicorn startup companies and new venture funds cropping up all over the continent, the region is taking in significantly more business from outside sources. Top Tier Capital is an investment company that is looking to take advantage of the massive enthusiasm and business potential of Europe through its new fund. The company recently raised major capital for its European investment fund that will make a major impact on the region.

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Top Tier Capital Investment Philosophy

Investment company Top Tier Capital focuses heavily on its data-driven insight when making decisions. The massive scale and scope of the company allows for Top Tier Capital to invest heavily internally in data and statistics teams, which help provide better strategies for startup and venture capital support.

Due to the large company size, the business can provide funding not only for different startup companies, but also for smaller, focused venture funds that have a strong grasp on more specific business types. With massive help from data analytics, the company has invested over $4 billion into more than 9,000 different startup companies and over 350 different venture capital funds.

This strategy has led to Top Tier Capital striking major success with several of its supported startup companies and venture funds. In fact, the company portfolio boasts names such as Draft Kings, DataStax, Endgame, and Alien Vault. The company has also invested in several successful venture funds, including Accel, B Capital Group, Index Ventures, and Trident Capital, among many others.

The newest funding raise for Top Tier Capital will bring a larger focus on a new region for the company as business in the venture world continues to trend internationally.

New European Investment Fund

Top Tier Capital recently announced that the company had raised a whopping $310 million for a new European-focused investment fund. This brings total funding for the company in the past few months up to $1.5 billion that is spread amongst several different funds with different focuses. The newest funding was made possible due to a large contribution from British Business Investments who wants to help bridge the technology gap in the United Kingdom (UK).

The funds will be split among two different major areas of interest for Top Tier Capital. The first will be to invest in smaller, European-focused venture funds who have a strong understanding of specific regions and of the greater startup environment within Europe. The second point of interest for the company will be to fund high-growth, expansion stage tech startup companies based in Europe. Top Tier Capital can make heavy funding commitments to later-stage startup companies that will bring them to the next stage of business development.

When commenting on the new investment fund, Managing Director at Top Tier Capital David York said, “The European fund is a strategic part of our global investment strategy and part of the overall maturation of the business from a partner-driven firm to an investment institution. It also represents a larger shift in the market. We're looking forward to deepening our partnerships in Europe and Israel, which will also help inform our Velocity investing outside of the U.S."

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