7 Web Development Programs For All Skill Levels

By Avi Ben Ezra Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Web development is both a popular career choice and a popular hobby. You can start web development at any age and pursue it as casually or as intently as you desire. 

The world of web development may seem daunting at times, with so much information and programs for individual use. With that in mind, we have narrowed down seven of the best web development programs to use. In this list, there will be programs featured that are both free and paid and some guidance on what they feature.


WordPress offers both free and paid packages, depending on which one you wish to go for. The content management system is favored amongst bloggers around the globe due in part to its straightforward program. WordPress helps guide you with web templates and widgets for each section of your website. 

This program is ideal for someone new to the web developing world, and who wants a little extra help. You can get plugins, monitor the traffic for your site, and receive plenty of support from the developers themselves. Users can even purchase their own domain under one of their packages.


For a collaborative program, Mockplus offers paid packages for an all-inclusive design tool for both developers and designers. This software program offers website prototypes that are easy and fast to use. 

Mockplus supports both desktop and mobile apps and offers a cloud component in one of its packages. The program also provides plenty of features that offer further growth in design and development. For example, it has a Mind Map and UI design flow modes and a set of ready-made components. Users can even connect Mockplus with other programs like Adobe Photoshop and Axure.


Macaw is ideal for someone who is already tech-savvy and has great knowledge about web development.  It writes semantic HTML and CSS, plus you can take advantage of their picture editor for your images. 

The program is free, and it offers a great set of web designing tools for users. It also provides plenty of flexibility, such as the ability to save your designs for later use, having your website optimized on all devices, and overall it has beautiful typography designs.


Adobe is known around the world to be a powerful software application for all kinds of creators. Photoshop and Dreamweaver, in particular, are very popular amongst the web development community, due to the numerous features that they offer. 

Photoshop is a popular photo, image, and design editing software; since you can enhance photos, 3D work, and illustrations, plus you can design websites and mobile apps. 

Dreamweaver is a web development tool for both Windows and macOS. It has a code editor as a feature that you can work in live view, plus you can write and edit any code for Javascript, HTML, CSS, and XTL.


Weebly offers a free basic package as well as a paid package with improved features. This program is ideal for people who want to start up web development and need something to learn on. It’s easy and straightforward to use for personal or professional users. 

With Weebly, users get over 40 template designs for your website, plus website maps and portfolios. You’d also get general help along the way, with pop up windows full of information.


Like Weebly, MAMP offers both a free package and a pro package for a cost. You can install MAMP as an open-source integration software on both Windows and macOS. 

You can use MAMP the basic version as a free local server, or upgrade to MAMP Pro 5, which is known to be a professional frontend utility that can allow Mac OS X users to install Apache server, PHO, eAccelerator, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin. It is also known to have a powerful configuration for debugging.


CodePen also offers free services, or you can pay for extra features. With this software program, you can test and build front-end code, plus learn how to debug. It’s great and safe to use for front-end designers and developers, who want to get inspired and design patterns for web development. 

You can build and test the code you are designing by using multiple methods, plus you can learn at the same time how coding works for web development.

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