The Top 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies Outside of California

By Bruce Harpham Friday, January 1, 2021

California is home to many of America's most famous startups and technology firms. Although there's no question that Silicon Valley is significant in this industry, the relentless focus on San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and other California-based companies has a drawback. The constant California focus blinds us to the thriving companies and regions elsewhere in the US. Furthermore, it's more than possible to establish and grow a successful company outside of California. All of these companies have achieved a three-year revenue growth rate of over 1000%.

1. OneTrust (Atlanta, Georgia)

With more than $70 million in revenue, this Atlanta technology company has built a business around privacy and marketing. While some in the marketing business complained about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act, OneTrust built a business on these changes.

OneTrust's customer list includes multiple large companies such as Oracle, Aetna, and Raytheon. In total, OneTrust has raised more than $410 million in funding from investors such as Coatue and Insight Partners. The company offers multiple data and privacy management software tools for companies to market and avoid regulatory difficulties.

2. Algo (Troy, Michigan)

Founded in 2016, this Michigan company uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to help business customers solve sales and operational problems. The company has an estimated annual revenue of $12 million. To reach its growth goals, Algo has raised $15 million in total funding in its February 2020 Series A funding round. The company's investors include The K Fund and Integrity Growth Partners.

Algo offers three products to its customers: Insights studio, simulations studio, and collaboration studio. These products help companies improve supply chain effectiveness. Algo has not disclosed its customer list at this time.

3. Orcrolus (New York, New York)

This New York-based tech company specializes in financial information review for the financial industry. Established in 2014, Orcrolus has successfully raised $47 million from more than a dozen investors. The company's financial backers include Laconia, ValueStream Ventures, FinTech Collection, and RiverPark Ventures.

By specializing in financial services, Orcrolus has developed specialized solutions to improve business lending, mortgage lending, credit scoring, and consumer lending. The company's customer list includes BlueVine, Brex, Lending Club, Sprout Mortgage, and SoFi. The company has approximately $12 million in annual revenue as of 2019.

4. ZeroBounce (Boca Raton, Florida)

Email marketing remains one of the most popular marketing channels for a good reason: it is effective! Yet, marketers face challenges in getting their messages delivered. ZeroBounce helps marketers reduce or even eliminate bounced email addresses. Unlike other companies on this list, ZeroBounce was founded in California and later relocated to Florida. The company has not disclosed receiving any outside funding.

ZeroBounce solves two email marketing problems: email address validation and email deliverability. To maximize its growth, ZeroBounce offers a free trial for customers. The email marketing company's customer list includes Tripadvisor, Allstate, and many smaller companies.

5. 360ia (Lafayette, Louisiana)

The southeastern United States is starting to become a hub for business, especially Florida and Nashville. The southern boom also extends to Louisiana. Established in 2015, 360ia builds marketing automation software tools. Although the company had $2 million in revenue in 2018 and has grown steadily since then, it has not disclosed receiving any outside funding.

360ia's staffing is different. The company has some employees in the United States and another team in India. The CEO of the company, Frankie Russo, has also founded another successful Potenza Inc., which appeared on the Inc. 5000 list.

6. Würk (Denver, Colorado)

Würk has built a thriving software business on the needs of the cannabis industry. In 2012, the state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. By 2019, Colorado's marijuana industry generated over $1 billion in revenue. Würk helps cannabis companies with administrative functions such as payroll and human resources. Their annual revenue is estimated at $25 million.

Würk has also enjoyed significant support from investors. The Denver company has received $23 million in funding from investors such as the Arcview Group, ARCADIAN Fund, and Poseidon Asset Management. The company's customers include Acreage Holdings, Canopy Growth (a Canada based marijuana company with more than $100 million in revenue), and Harborside.

7. Gravy Analytics (Sterling, Virginia)

Gravy Analytics develops software to improve advertising targeting, including geographic data. Aimed at advertising professionals, the company's product integrates with leading tools such as Lotame, LiveRamp, and The Trade Desk.

The company's distinctive offering is location-based data. With such data, advertisers can more efficiently direct their advertising messages to nearby customers. For example, the company offers a "COVID-19 Economic Activity" data dashboard on its website. As of December 2020, Gravy provides state-level foot traffic data for major retailers, including 7-Eleven, Ace Hardware, AMC Theatres, Anytime Fitness, and Applebee's.

The company has completed multiple funding rounds. In total, Gravy Analytics has raised $26 million in funding from investors. The company's financial backers include Spring Lake Equity Partners, Loeb Partners, and Gasper Global Ventures.

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