The Top 5 Countries for Successful Startups in 2020

By Adriaan Brits Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Entrepreneurs host a multitude of different skills, and their ability to calculate new business ventures has become a pivotal driving force in the global economy. An index created by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute has set out to measure the quality and complexity of intertwined entrepreneurial skill sets, as well as how they function on a global level.

The index is subdivided into three important entrepreneurial categories: aspirations, abilities, and attitudes. These features drive entrepreneurs to establish a firm identity in the business market.

Product and service innovation has bridged a gap in global markets, offering civilians the opportunity to enjoy more inexpensive and pioneering provisions. Any well-known business in today’s world started somewhere, and modernized economies make it possible for more startups to secure themselves in the market playing field.

What Are Startups?

A startup business can come in many forms, but the basic principle to remember is that it’s a company that’s still in the beginning phases of formation. Forming new startups has become more attractive to modern entrepreneurs and young business owners, as they’re financed by founders. We usually see startups owned by either friends or family members, offering more security, better starting capital investments, and networking assistance.

How Successful Are Startups?

Depending on the level of service or goods founders want to share with the public, success can be measured by some qualities, including and not limited to, market trends, national government support, socio-political movements and taxation for new businesses.

The Best Countries for New Startups

These countries are only a limited selection, hosting attractive tax policies, low unemployment rates, and steady yet influential global market shares.

United States

The US boasts the world's largest GDP (around $20 trillion), low unemployment rates, and top-ranked entrepreneurial infrastructures. With that in mind, the US market is extremely diverse, offering adequate buying power, and government support for local venture funding has been at an all-time high. The American culture has globally influenced many nations and has become the top spot for new startups in 2020.

United Kingdom

Brexit might have scared off some investors, but the UK holds a reliable and extremely well-governed economy. Local authorities have improved taxation policies, seeing a rise in investor profiles, business incorporations, and currently stands at a 0.7% inflation rate as of 2019. Entrepreneurial infrastructure falls close behind the US, and being the country with the lowest corporation tax from all G20 countries, the UK is a great choice to consider.


As Europe's biggest economic powerhouse, Germany holds a great and extremely well-educated workforce. The nation has been one of the most attractive startup destinations for years, offering business owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity to use the well-funded European markets. As a key member of the EU, Germany sits on a $3.6 trillion GDP as of 2017.


The Eastern Hemisphere has become a popular choice for prominent business investors and, recently, startups. A wealthy nation with high levels of education and political stability, Singapore offers easier market access and free trade agreements. It’s a melting pot of cultures, and their local economy has seen a 2% growth each year.

New Zealand

A different choice from Europe or North America, the island nation has seen a booming economic influx, with more skilled workers, affordable wages, and simple startup procedures. The country has a 0.6% inflation rate, a 3.6% GDP growth, low-interest rates, and local government has become more business-friendly, with easier access to local statistics.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Foreign Country for Your Startup

Most importantly, a strong and wealthy Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Consumer Price Index will give you a clear idea of how stable and worthwhile a foreign nation’s economy is.

With that in mind, entrepreneurs are also advised to review their destination countries' PMI manufacturing and services, which shows how good or bad local businesses are doing in the current economy. Finally, employment levels, with how much excess income citizens have after deductions and buying power.

Final Reminder

These countries offer a great selection of financial expansion for your business ideas. It can be ideal for any entrepreneur to consider taking their new skill or idea to a global audience. There are hundreds of great business options in the foreign world, but maintaining good stability at home will steer you clear from difficult financial pitfalls.

Startups are definitely a way to grow more personal revenue, so if you’re considering doing business abroad, the sky’s the limit.

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