Plant Tech Startup The Supplant Company Adds Investors to Bring Total Funding Up to $27 Million

By Thomas Price | Friday, October 15, 2021 | Startup, Tech, Sustainability & Environment

The Supplant Company is a plant tech startup that is creating healthier and more sustainable sugar options derived from fiber. The company recently added new investors to raise its total funding to expand its business and raise health awareness.

A sack of white cane sugar.

How The Supplant Company Works and Effectiveness of Product

Plant tech startup The Supplant Company is creating sugar by extracting it from upcycled crops. This process creates sugar that is more sustainable while maintaining the same taste. The plant tech startup upcycles specific portions of crops such as wheat straw, oat husks, corn cobs, and rice straw to extract sugar. These plant parts are usually just discarded making the majority of the natural resources that The Supplant Company uses far less expensive to acquire.

The plant tech startup takes these upcycled crops and grinds them up to access the fiber inside. From there, The Supplant Company uses specific fungal enzymes to break down the chains of sugar found in the fiber for easier extraction. 

The process uses little additional energy and helps to reduce the overall food waste across the globe. This makes the current sugar-creating process from the business a largely sustainable health solution. 

Alongside the environmental benefits from the upcycled crop process the plant tech startup uses, the sugar created is also much healthier for people. Because it is derived from fiber, the sugar is lower in calories than traditional cane sugar and results in a lower glycemic response. Additionally, the sugar is prebiotic, meaning that its consumption helps create good bacteria in the gut and improves digestion. 

The large-scale replacement of traditional cane sugar with The Supplant Company fiber sugar could help reduce obesity and diabetes rates in communities that heavily rely on sugar for daily nutrition.This long-term business goal has attracted several new investors to the plant tech startup.

New Investors for The Supplant Company and Total Funding

In a recent announcement, The Supplant Company added NBA star Chris Paul, celebrity chef; the wife of NBA star Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry; and Ryan Shadrick Wilson as new business investors.The three will join Series A investors Manta Ray, Y Combinator, Agfunder, EQT, Khosla, Coatue, Melitas, Mills Fabrica, and Sake Bosch. With the new business investors, The Supplant Company has raised a total of $27 million.

The new funding will help the company to expand business operations by raising global health awareness issues and generating social media buzz for Supplant sugar. 

When commenting on his new involvement with The Supplant Company, NBA star and business investor Chris Paul said, “Sugar is in almost everything we eat. If we are going to transition to healthier food options for all—especially for people that experience high rates of diabetes and obesity like we do in Black and Brown communities—we’re going to need to change how things are made. It’s not going to happen by people magically waking up and not liking the things they like. I look forward to working with The Supplant Company to move the food system in a better, more sustainable direction.”

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