Major Movement From Tesla in All Business Aspects as the Company’s Unstoppable Growth Continues

By Thomas Price Thursday, November 19, 2020

As electric vehicles and solar energy become increasingly valuable and favored by consumers and businesses, Tesla, the largest name in both, cannot be ignored. The company’s revolutionary products have been wildly popular with consumers, and as a result, the company’s stock prices have been equally, if not more popular. Considering both of these aspects of the company, Tesla has been making some major moves here at the end of 2020. The company’s decisions will make a difference for consumers who own a Tesla electric vehicle as well as for the investors looking at their stock. So, what exactly has Tesla been up to, and how will these new developments change the company or user experience?

Tesla’s Transition to the S&P 500

Tesla has had an absolutely banner year on the stock market in 2020. With the company’s share prices reaching a low of less than $90 a share in March (when retroactively accounting for the five to one stock split), Tesla has completely rebounded to its now impressive figure of over $400 per share. In fact, accounting for the stock split, Tesla’s stock is up 450% on the year. The company’s market cap sits at an astounding $461.28 billion, making it without question the most valuable electric car manufacturer in the world, worth more than Volkswagen AG, Toyota Motor Corp., and General Motors Co. combined. Because of this incredible year and the company’s truly impressive value, Tesla announced earlier this week that they would enter the S&P 500 on December 21.

The news comes after much speculation from analysts and investors alike who have been wondering if this would happen. After Elon Musk hinted in a letter at second-quarter profits, the rumor mill began to explode along with the stock prices, as this would represent the fourth consecutive profitable quarter in a row for Tesla, the final milestone the company needed to pass in order to be considered for the S&P 500.

Tesla’s entrance into the S&P 500 could result in some serious global expansion for the company, especially in Asia and Europe, where the company has also been making some moves outside of just the stock market. Tesla has opened up a new factory in Shanghai and is in the process of building one in Berlin. Expanding to these cities is a major step in creating higher accessibility to their products in those regions and building up a larger brand presence. Outside of the business aspect, there is serious excitement brewing on the consumer side of things going into the holiday season.

Possible Updates Coming to Tesla

On top of what is already happening on Tesla’s business end, owners and users of their electric vehicles are building up excitement at the promise of Tesla’s v11 software update, which will affect all active cars. While there is not a lot of information on what will currently be on the table for the newest update, Musk has made statements in the past which could provide some insight for what to possibly expect. Perhaps the two largest rumors in the update stemming from Musk’s own statement would be the bird’s eye view from the car’s autopilot camera and the possibility of a native video conferencing feature available in the cars. These ideas have caused some rumors and speculation from users who have been enthralled at the idea of these features being added. Possible other features for the v11 update include additional video games and the car’s capability to communicate with other people near the vehicle through its exterior speakers. All of this simply adds to the real excitement behind Tesla products as well as business sense.

Final Conclusions

Tesla’s 2020 has been a record-breaking year for the company in more ways than one. The addition of two more profitable quarters under its belt, its skyrocketing stock, and the eventual addition of the company to the S&P 500 are all clear indicators that Tesla’s upward trajectory is set to sustain itself. Additionally, the company has ensured its value to the consumer who has already purchased or leased a Tesla vehicle with the much anticipated v11 software update coming up in the next few weeks.

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