Termii Raises Seed Funding as Startup Eases Communications Issues for African Businesses

By Thomas Price Saturday, March 20, 2021

The need for businesses both big and small to have effective and accessible communications with their customer base has become vitally important in the modern era. This has become especially true considering how much business is now conducted virtually as opposed to in person, making the need for strong communications platforms that much larger. Termii is a startup company that has developed a communications platform built specifically for growing companies. The startup recently raised a seed funding round in order to continue expanding business operations into new regions.

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Termii’s Platform and Ongoing Success

Termii is a tech startup based in Nigeria that has created and launched a digital communications platform designed specifically for interface between businesses and customers. The startup sets itself apart from other communications-based companies through a variety of useful tools and reliability factors.

On top of offering cross-channel messaging, transaction verification, and seamless integration into existing systems for a business, the startup is also cost-effective and has an ongoing delivery rate of 99.9%. The communications startup also offers customer data analytics to help any company using the platform continually improve their own work and efforts.

While the startup is still relatively young, it has seen incredible growth in the last several months as business began to boom at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more businesses transitioning to a fully online presence, companies of all kinds began using Termii’s communications platform. In fact, over the course of the year, the company increased its messaging transactions by 1,000% and its accounting rating of return by 400%.

This success and rapid growth has led to the startup now doing business with well over 3,000 different companies primarily in Africa such as Vogue Pay, Bankly, Bamboo, Wellvis, Wesabi, Schoolable, and Bento, among many others.

Termii’s Funding and Future Plans

In Termii’s seed funding round, the company raised $1.4 million. The round was led by Future Africa and Kepple Africa Ventures with participation from Acuity Ventures, Aidi Ventures, Assembly Capital, Kairos Angels, Nama Ventures, RallyCap Ventures, and Remapped Ventures, along with several other angel investors. The company plans on using this initial funding in order to expand the scope of their work into North Africa as the majority of their business still takes place in Nigeria. Termii will also focus on expanding its own business to be able to meet greater demand.

When commenting on the recent funding and the reason for investing in Termii, Kepple Africa Partner Satoshi Shinada said, “Fragmented and unstable communication channels are one of the biggest challenges for the digitization of businesses in Africa. Emmanuel has proven that with his visionary goals and solid implementation of iterations on the ground, his team is unparalleled to build an innovative solution in this space.”

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