TampaBay.Ventures Launches $20 Million Seed Fund for Tech Startups in the Tampa Bay Region

By Thomas Price Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The need for venture capital funding amongst startup companies continues to be a major hurdle that keeps some startups from maintaining long-term business success. Especially outside of the Silicon Valley region, venture capital funding is not as plentiful for startup companies. TampaBay.Ventures is an investment company looking to provide a major boost to startups in the Tampa Bay region. The company recently launched a new seed fund that will help provide capital and support, boosting business for the focus region.

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TampaBay.Ventures Investment Philosophy

Investment company TampaBay.Ventures believes heavily in the potential of tech startup companies. Especially considering the longstanding history of tech in the greater Tampa Bay Area, the company believes that the roots for further innovation in the business sector are incredibly strong. Alongside belief in tech is the larger belief in the economic potential of Tampa Bay. While venture funding in the United States (US) is continually growing, Tampa Bay remains underrepresented, receiving only a fraction of the capital it needs to fully thrive.

This lack of overall funding in the region presents TampaBay.Ventures with a very exciting opportunity. With a larger population than many startup hotspots such as Austin, Stockholm, and Tel Aviv, Tampa Bay has massive economic potential. Due to the necessity for funding within the region, the company can find investment opportunities with a variety of tech startup companies that will allow for a larger portion of stake in the business than in many other regions.

The focus on such a specific market also allows for the company to have a much more intimate knowledge of the startup scene. Instead of sifting through thousands of pitches from across the US, TampaBay.Ventures can take a more active role in the business development of the tech startup companies it invests in. This will ensure the company greater success for the startups that are added to its portfolio.

TampaBay.Ventures Seed Fund and Strategy

TampaBay.Ventures recently launched a new $20 million seed fund founded by its team of Marcus Adolfsson, Andreas Calabrese, Tom Frederick, and Wesley Barnett. The goal of the fund will be to invest in 20 different startup companies over the next five years. The company will be looking for startups with an established product that is ready to scale, opening up the search to those with less business development after TampaBay.Ventures is more established.

While the focus will remain on tech, the true throughline for all startup companies that TampaBay.Ventures will invest in will be that of business ideas that can disrupt a current market.

When commenting on the launch of the newest fund, co-founder of business accelerator Tampa Bay Wave, Allen Cary, said, “We have been trying to solve the tech funding gap problem in Tampa Bay for years. While there are a number of promising early-stage tech companies in the area, a countless number of startups with high potential have struggled or dissolved due to the early-stage capital problem. TampaBay.Ventures will make a huge impact, not only with the funds they need to grow but also with the critical support and experienced guidance they need to succeed and win.”

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