TAL Grabs Massive Investment as Company as EdTech Continues to Boom in China

By Thomas Price Saturday, January 16, 2021

With the COVID-19 causing major shifts in many different industries, areas such as education in particular have had to adapt the most. Especially with many different cities and regions imposing restrictions that have pushed schooling to be completely remote, many students and parents have been utilizing outside resources in order to ensure that they do not fall behind in their education. Perhaps one of the largest of these resources is after school tutoring, and in China, the most prominent name for after school tutoring is Tomorrow Advancing Life, or TAL. As a result the company has recently announced some serious investment from a collection of investors. So, what is TAL, what kind of investment has the company received, and what can be expected from them in the future?

What is TAL?

Tomorrow Advancing Life, or, TAL Education Group, is a prominent K-12 after school tutoring service provider that operates in China. TAL provides a number of different tutoring services that range from small class environments to personalized services, and most importantly in regard to 2020, online courses. TAL covers China’s core curriculum from pre-school all the way through to 12th grade as well as offering a series of competence programs in many other subjects and fields.

What sets TAL apart from many other companies in this department is the wholehearted embrace of technology that the company actively utilizes and develops. Perhaps that is best exemplified in TAL’s current AI Teacher project. The AI Teacher program is TAL’s goal to use artificial intelligence in order to create a teaching system built specifically to help revolutionize language learning in under-resourced communities.

The program was built to be easily accessible on computers and mobile devices for both teachers and students and comes programmed with a bilingual teaching interface in order to smooth the learning experience. As it stands, the AI Teacher has been a rousing success with over 70,000 students in 72 and 252 learning centers already using the technology currently.

More so than just this, TAL is a major company as well. The company is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is worth well over $8 billion. In fact, TAL was named as one of the Top 100 Chinese Brands by BRANDZ. TAL is currently available in 91 different cities through the company's network of learning centers. As a result, there has been a significant investment in TAL to help continue this progress.

Recent Investments in TAL

TAL recently announced that a group of investors has agreed to invest a whopping aggregate $3.3 billion into the company through private placement. The breakdown of this money is that $2.3 billion will be in convertible notes which will account for 4.3% of the company’s outstanding shares. The rest of the $1 billion going to newly issued Class A shares of TAL which will account for 2.2% of the company’s outstanding shares. The convertible notes portion of the investment was led by global tech investing firm, Silver Lake. The investors have agreed to not sell any of these shares for at least 6 months from the closing of this deal. TAL will be using this added investment to further the growth prospects of the company.

TAL is an expansive education technology company that has seen considerable growth since its inception. With development in AI teaching, expanding the online courses, and the already built in network of learning centers, TAL has potential to be the premier after school tutoring service provider in all of China and perhaps in the future, more of the world.

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