Swimm Raises Seed Funding as Startup Builds Code Documentation Tools

By Thomas Price Thursday, January 21, 2021

As computer science and coding become necessary for so many businesses and companies, documenting that code has become a strong tool for new team members to onboard immediately onto existing projects. However, manually documenting code can be tedious, making it rather unappealing for many coders. Swimm is a startup that is creating tools to automate the code documentation process as much as possible. The startup recently received seed funding to help them continue to expand this technology.

Swimm’s Technology and Seed Funding

Swimm is a startup based in Tel Aviv that was founded in 2019. The startup itself offers several different services, but their main product allows businesses to create a template for documenting code, which is then automatically updated as the workers continue to code.

The documented information will be easily accessible through the use of Swimm’s code browser, and the startup has developed technology to alert a business if anything needs to be updated manually, ensuring little drift between the codebase and documentation.

Other features that Swimm offers include walkthroughs and tutorials for several different coding processes that help new team members catch up to their business’s current workload with ease. Considering how vital software development is to modern companies, Swimm has garnered significant attention from a variety of different investors.

In Swimm’s seed funding round, the startup business raised $5.7 million. The funding round was led by Pitango First with participation from AU Ventures, Axon Ventures, and FundFire, along with a series of angel investors. While the majority of the money will be going toward continuing to develop the startup’s current project, the company also plans to drive up its user base.

When commenting on the recent investment, a partner at Pitango First who will be joining the startup’s board, Yair Cassuto, said, “Software development is now at the core of every modern business. Swimm provides a structured, contextual, and transparent way to improve developer productivity. Swimm’s solution allows for rapid and insightful onboarding on any codebase. This applies across the developer life cycle: from onboarding to project transitions, adopting new open source capabilities and even offboarding.”

Final Conclusions

Swimm is an up-and-coming business offering a product that can provide a major leg up for any company with coding needs for its business. By providing auto-updating code documentation tools, the startup provides new team members the ability to become productive immediately upon hiring. The new seed funding and continuous improvements to their business products set the stage for Swimm’s future success.

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