Sustainable Fashion Startup Company Storied Hats Smashes Kickstarter Goal

By James White Monday, May 17, 2021

There are many ways to reduce an individual’s ecological footprint. Choosing low-impact foods to eat, taking shorter showers, and utilizing more sustainable forms of transportation all help to reduce a single person’s carbon footprint. Now, environmentally conscious individuals have the option to further reduce their carbon footprint, thanks to the sustainable fashion industry. Sustainable fashion startup company Storied Hats is seeking funding through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to create stylish hats from natural materials, including algae, coffee, and cactus.

“For too long, hats have been an afterthought,” said Zach Maurin and Cameron Blossom, co-founders of the sustainable fashion startup business. “You wear them because that’s what is readily available. It’s average quality, logo-driven, and not made from sustainable materials. We obsess over details and design that will make a great hat for you instead of a billboard about us.”

Storied Hats set out to raise $5,000 for its startup company through the Kickstarter campaign. Crowdfunding investors supporting the sustainable fashion business demolished this goal immediately, driving the Storied Hats campaign to over 500% of its initial goal in just two days. So far, the startup company has generated over $32,000 for its sustainable fashion business from almost 500 investors. Storied Hats still has a few weeks left to find support through the campaign for its startup company and its line of hats crafted from sustainable materials.

A gray baseball cap.

Plant-Based Caps

Founded in 2018 by Maurin and Blossom, Storied Hats provides sustainable fashion without logos for consumers looking for something different from the heavily branded hat industry. The startup business makes all of its products from sustainably sourced materials in ethical factories.

While the startup company offers a number of different hats on their website, the Kickstarter campaign is specifically geared toward a new line of products that require the startup business to create the clothing material from scratch. Storied Hats wants to use the proceeds of the campaign to help reduce the upfront costs to the business associated with these materials.

The new lineup consists of three nature-themed hats, each with an outer design as well as a pattern or image under the visor. Storied Hats created its Forest Sky cap, which features an outer tree pattern and a night sky inner pattern, from coffee grounds, cactus leather, and hemp. Other hats in the new lineup from the startup company are inspired by desert and mountain landscapes and are made from similar materials as well as banana plant leaves and algae biomass.

Driving Into the Sustainable Fashion Market

Interest in ethical and sustainable fashion is on the rise. Market research projects the global ethical fashion industry to value over $8.2 billion by 2023, up from an estimated $6.3 million in 2019. The startup business is disrupting an industry that is notoriously unsustainable, as its eco-friendly fashion company continues to find support from crowdfunding investors.

“For us, this Kickstarter campaign was the answer,” said the Storied Hats founders in a campaign update. “Your pledges provide us the resources to invest in materials that are better for the planet and for the workers -- while maintaining the highest levels of quality and function.”

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