Startup Business Spiden Raises $18 Million for Blood Diagnostics Platform

By James White Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The digital health industry continues to broaden as new breakthroughs in remote monitoring devices and healthcare software arise. Patients and doctors can now monitor things like cardiovascular health and even diagnose diseases with remotely collected data using a number of wearable sensors and cloud-based platforms. Startup company Spiden recently secured $18 million from investors to advance its real-time blood monitoring business.

A doctor looking at blood samples.

“How come humanity wants to fly to Mars, yet we still don’t know what the short- and long-term health effects are of the things we eat, the environment we live in, the medication we take, and the way we exercise or sleep?” asked Leo Grünstein, founder and CEO of the startup healthcare business. “I’ve started Spiden to create a new platform for such real-time feedback, to help us improve and extend our lives.”

The latest funding round for the healthcare startup business was propelled by lead investor Ornament Health AG, a Swiss digital healthcare app company. Additional support for the startup healthcare company came from Geberit, b-to-v partners, and a series of angel investors, including Young Sohn, Daniel Gutenberg, Edward Ludwig, Konstantin Othmer, Kirill Evstratov, and more. The newly generated capital for the startup company will help Spiden expand the range of biomarkers and drugs that its technology can detect.

Revolutionizing Preventative Medicine

Prior to creating the healthcare startup company, Grünstein spent several years as a serial entrepreneur. Besides Spiden, Grünstein co-founded startup company Caeli Nova, which provides emergency oxygenation systems for aircraft, as well as digital mortgage lending business Molo. The entrepreneur’s latest startup company aims to take on challenges in the preventative medicine industry.

The Spiden platform detects important biomarkers — medical indicators often used to determine the presence or severity of a disease — in whole blood using in-situ spectroscopic measurements. While the startup healthcare business has yet to release its first generation of products, Spiden hopes to use its platform alongside a biosensor or implant to provide continuous real-time monitoring of biomarkers in patients. Data analysis by the platform presents an opportunity for integration with a mobile healthcare app to create an accessible user interface.

“The investment in Spiden is inherently strategic for Ornament, as we share our vision for the future, in which snapshot biomarker data will make space for continuous, real-time biomarker data,” said Snezhana Gurina, CEO of Ornament. “Spiden is building what we believe is the future of preventative medicine, as its unique data set will help to uncover correlations between lifestyle choices, medication and longevity. Ornament could be Spiden’s partner for the user interface of its data.”

Breaking Into the Digital Healthcare Business

Market research projects the global digital health market, valued at $96.5 billion in 2020, to grow at a CAGR of 15.1%. To date, the startup company has amassed over $25 million from investors in the industry. As Spiden continues to build out its platform and tap into the growing market for remote healthcare solutions, the business will likely find opportunities to partner with companies like Ornament to complete the user-facing component of its service.

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