Production Company Space Hero Inc. to Launch Space Travel Reality Show

By Thomas Price Thursday, September 24, 2020

The realm of reality entertainment may soon be reaching new heights with a new show currently in pre-production. After years of talks in the works, it seems like Space Hero Inc. has finally found the right tools and partners to finally get their new concept show off the ground. The plan by the production company is to create a reality competition TV series that will end with a 10-day civilian trip to the International Space Station (ISS). Considering the daring nature of the show, what can be expected, and when exactly will it be available for audiences?

The Basic Premise of the Show

After a global search of ordinary people, not current astronauts or engineers, who have a love for space travel, those selected will spend the following weeks and months going through a series of mental and physical challenges and training, which will eventually lead to a winner. The training will help both engage fans of the show in the process of what it takes to go to space as well as prepare the contestants for the journey. That winner will then be selected to go on the 10-day stay at the ISS; the entire mission - from takeoff, to their stay, to their return to Earth - will be documented.

The goal of the show is to both entertain and engage audiences as well as educate them on the specifics of the possible future of space tourism. Additionally, it would be a platform to help get the public more interested in the different STEM fields. “Space Hero” may also involve a voting segment where viewers could vote week to week to help along their favorite contestants. If it does eventually make it to air, it would be the first week-to-week series involving genuine space travel. This would not be the first show set to feature actual space travel, as a collection of others have tried in the past without ever making it through pre-production. However, the major difference between those shows and “Space Hero” would be that “Space Hero” has already secured travel arrangements.

How Space Hero Is Getting Off the Ground

A major component that differentiates “Space Hero” from other television shows that had similar concepts is how well backed and prepared the series already is. Space Hero Inc., along with its founders, Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass, is led by Marty Pompadur, the former chief of News Corp Europe. The production company has secured a seat on the 2023 mission to the International Space Station for the winner of the show, who is then expected to be flying on a SpaceX Dragon rocket. However, no official word has come out about this being the case yet.

Space Hero Inc. is also working closely with the company, Axiom Space. Axiom Space is the major manufacturer of the world’s first privately funded commercial space station. They will be responsible for all major details of the civilian space mission. The responsibilities include brokering the trip to the ISS by ensuring a seat on the mission will be available, training all of the contestants on “Space Hero,” and handling insurance for the entire endeavor.

Space Hero Inc. plans to partner with multiple global streaming and broadcast partners in order to ensure a wide-ranging audience in all countries. Large-scale distribution will be a key factor in ensuring that “Space Hero” does, in fact, make money, considering the massive overhead costs of the show. Unfortunately, due to the show still being in pre-production, there are no estimated costs per episode or rough budgets to look at just yet.

Final Conclusions

Space Hero marks a major step in broadcast television and the widespread look at space tourism for the general public. Considering that it has a far better base than any other show with similar premises, “Space Hero” is genuinely set to take off and happen in a way that none before have to date. With commercial space travel looking more and more likely in the near future, “Space Hero” could certainly be the vessel that introduces the world to what that might look like for everyone soon enough.

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