Sonar Draws $12 Million From Investors in Series A for Change Intelligence Platform

By James White Sunday, April 4, 2021

Operations teams using tech stacks perform important yet precarious functions at large companies and high-growth businesses. Understanding the flow of information and how everything connects with other systems is a crucial part of maintaining functionality, though as the company grows, this can become a daunting task. Startup productivity business Sonar raised $12 million in new capital for its intelligence platform designed to help teams confidently make changes to tech stacks without the fear of unforeseen impacts.

“Revenue and Operations teams are so accustomed to making blind changes and putting out fires,” said Jack McGlinchey, co-founder and CPO of the startup company. “Sonar not only eliminates these risks, but allows them to refocus their efforts on strategic initiatives that help their companies actually get ahead, of their projects and their revenue goals.”

Craft Ventures led the Series A funding round for Sonar. Other investors in the tech company, including Slack, Valor EP, and Parade VC, also supported the productivity startup, along with several angel investors such as Salesloft co-founder Kyle Porter. After the latest bout of financial support for the business, Sonar has raised a total of $15.7 million from investors over the last 12 months.

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Change Management

The productivity startup business was founded in 2018 by McGlinchey and entrepreneur Brad Smith, who is now CEO at Sonar. Smith and McGlinchey discussed the issues facing teams trying to manage several platforms that do not communicate with one another in a stack. However, it wasn’t until after Smith accidentally deleted a year’s worth of revenue documentation at the software company they worked for that Sonar was created to address the problem.

The tech platform built by the productivity startup business acts like an engineer but is easily accessible to non-dev teams in revenue or operations departments. Rather than relying solely on an experienced developer to understand the tech stack, teams can use the Sonar platform to make changes without the fear of dismantling a system process further down the line.

Teams working with the company tech stack are also provided with real-time alerts when something is changed, allowing them to rapidly identify a quick fix should they need one. Besides a safety net, the platform built by the startup company provides teams looking to add another layer to their stack with insights designed to anticipate the impact of the new software.

"Sonar is a lifesaver for Ops teams everywhere,” said Brian Murray, Managing Director at Craft Ventures. "Despite our business systems becoming more interconnected than ever before, there is no visibility into how changes to one system affect another. Sonar gives Ops pros x-ray vision into their GTM stack.”

Tapping Into the Productivity Market

The startup business is breaking into a growing industry. Market research expects the global productivity management software market to reach $102.98 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13.4% over the forecast period. As high-growth companies continue to incorporate more tools into their tech stacks, platforms like Sonar will minimize losses due to a lack of change in intelligence.

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