Softr Is the Startup Making Web Building Easier Than Ever

By Elijah Labby Friday, January 29, 2021

The world of web design is something all of us are at least somewhat familiar with. It affects every part of our online lives and provides incredible opportunities for groups and individuals alike. But it can be difficult to navigate when you’re setting up your own business website if you know nothing about coding, and that’s where no-code website building platforms like Softr come in.

Softr founders: CEO Mariam Hakobyan and CTO Artur Mkrtchyan.

The young startup company lets users skip the coding and go straight to building their business website, web apps, and client portals on top of a cloud collaboration platform called Airtable. The result is a simple-to-use interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. That, to Chief Executive Officer Mariam Hakobyan, makes the platform both accessible and high-quality.

“Softr has zero learning curve and can literally be used by anyone without a tech background, as it abstracts away all the technical aspects and focuses the user on product building and content, rather than technology,” she explained in an interview with TechCrunch. “Softr uses Airtable as the database, as it makes it easy creating and sharing relational databases, without having to learn SQL or scripting.”

Softr’s Seed Funding

The startup company has also secured a major milestone for the business. In a recent round of seed funding, the company raised $2.2 million to continue its mission from venture capital firm Atlantic Labs, as well as investor Philipp Moehring of Tiny.VC and some of the founders of GitHub, SumUp, Zeitgold, EyeEm, and Rows.

The company’s next business goal, Habokyan told Startup Savant, is “to build out the platform with more powerful functionality, as well as expand its customer base to non-tech functions of [Server Message Blocks] and help them build internal tooling, such as employee directories, product inventories, real estate listings, etc.”

The startup already works with a number of other notable tech startups and services like Integromat, Hubspot, Zapier, Google Ads, Stripe, and PayPal, but it’s bigger than that. Softr says that its service is already in use by “several thousands of makers and startups” — a testament to the startup’s versatility and usefulness.

The Market for Web Development Companies

The startup is entering the market at a good time. The value of web design platforms grew at a compounded annual rate of nearly 6% — a healthy growth that is likely to increase in light of the pandemic’s effect on digitizing small businesses. The value of companies like Softr was also expected to reach a value of $39 billion.

Another positive sign for the market is the willingness of venture capital firms to invest. So while Softr’s recent funding is a show of confidence in the company itself, it’s also an endorsement in the market as a whole, and that bodes well for the young company.

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