Snack — a Video Dating App Inspired by TikTok — Raises $3.5 Million

By Jemima McEvoy Tuesday, February 23, 2021

There are a lot of different dating app startup companies out there vying for Tinder’s crown, but Snack thinks it has the secret ingredient to dominating the ever-evolving digital dating app scene: video: Inspired by social media site TikTok, the American startup is aiming to capture the coveted Gen Z demographic through its video approach to app dating. Though still in its early stages, the dating app business has already intrigued the attention of investors. The company announced on Monday that it raised $3.5 million in a pre-seed funding round.

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What Is Snack and Its App?

Snack is a recently-launched video-first dating app founded by Kimberly Kaplan, who was part of the executive team at Plentyoffish, a dating site that sold to Match Group for $575 million in 2015.

Kaplan told Newsweek that the idea for the company was inspired by TikTok, a social media site popular among young people. “I was scrolling through videos and TikTok and started to see these dating-like profiles in my feed,” explained Kaplan of her startup. “I had this lightbulb moment where I realized people were trying to date on TikTok, but it’s fundamentally not built for it.” The dating app run by this business will ask users to create videos and post them on a feed instead of relying on typical profiles. Users will then engage with each other through their video content, which the dating app startup hopes to help make creative through offering editing features like those on TikTok.

Business Competition

The video-first pitch from this startup may help it stand out from other businesses angling to disrupt dating app companies like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble that are currently leading the scene in this market. Jigsaw, a startup that’s labeled itself as an “anti-superficial” dating app, recently raised $3.7 million to take the title, while S’More, a startup with the pitch of blurring users’ photos, recently raised over $2.1 million in seed funding. Other startups include Willow and INYN, which have each gained modest traction.

Money and Investors

Snack and its dating app’s fundraising rivals that of its competition. The company raised $3.5 million pre-seed funding, led by Kindred Ventures and Coelius Capital, with participation by Golden Ventures, Garage Capital, Panache Ventures, and N49P, according to TechCrunch. This is the total amount the company has raised to date but will prove integral in scaling its business. The dating app startup company is still very much in its early days but investors are able to see the business’s promise.

Final Takeaways

Snack is not entering an easy industry, but with an experienced founder and a solid cash injection on its side, the business has the tools it needs to succeed. This company may have the secret ingredient to cracking the Gen Z digital dating scene.

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