Sirenum Is Making It Easier to Manage Shift Work in Gig Economy

By Elijah Labby Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sirenum is a gig economy management tech startup that allows any company in the shift work business to manage their processes more effectively, and they’ve recently raised $2.7 million in Series A startup funding to help them do it.

The company lets any worker or business owner at any company manage the work they need to do by accepting or declining shifts and reviewing the company payroll. Now, with more than a couple million dollars in company funding, the gig economy management startup will be able to continue providing value to customers.

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The Future of the Sirenum Company

Benjamin Rubin, CEO and co-founder of Sirenum, told BDaily News that the company will focus on expanding into new industries.

“We’re thankful to our investors for their continued support and for seeing the vision we have for Sirenum in the future,” the business owner said. “Our continued growth across a variety of industries, as well as new use cases that could not have been foreseen, such as that created by the new vaccination centres, highlight the unique proposition we offer.”

He also said that his startup fills a key need for any business and that the investment would help his company substantially.

“Moreover, we believe the flexibility of the platform to adjust to unpredictable scenarios, i.e the ability to manage rosters and staff shifts in real time and adjust for sickness or the need to isolate, further underline why there has never been a better time to invest in workforce management technology like ours,” Rubin said.

The Background of the Startup

Rubin would know about unpredictable scenarios in the life of a company. When he was on his honeymoon and taking a break from running his staffing business, he received a call that a train had hit one of the employees of his company.

The employee was fine, but it was at this moment that the startup owner realized that he needed a better way to manage his employees from a distance — and Sirenum was born.

So far, the gig economy management startup has seen incredible success. Rubin’s company earned the contract to staff the Olympic stadium in 2012, and, according to Rubin, the platform now manages over 400,000 company employees from a variety of business sources.

Now, with this recent funding, Terry Leahy, who led the startup funding along with the William Currie Group, says the company is in a good position.

“Sirenum has performed well during the pandemic exhibiting strong and sustainable growth,” he said. “I am especially proud of our support for hospitals, vaccination centres, and volunteer organisations combating the pandemic. With the advent of the gig economy, there is no doubt Sirenum’s unique offering as a ‘gig technology platform’ with strong compliance features will make it key in the future for sectors like healthcare, logistics, and others.”

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