Singular Raises $265 Million; Company Looks to Expand Startup Portfolio

By Thomas Price Monday, March 29, 2021

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With a constant need from the startup world for more funding from venture capital (VC) firms and investment companies, more newcomers to venture capital are entering the game. Singular is a new venture capital, or VC, company that is looking to add some major funding into the tech startups of Europe. While its business portfolio is still relatively small, the company has collectively raised $265 million worth of funding that is mostly intact for early and late-stage investing all over the continent.

Singular’s Investing Model and Current Startup Portfolio

Singular is a new VC company based in Paris that has begun making major waves in the European tech startup world through several focused investments over the past few months. The company recently finished its first-ever fund, closing at $265 million — more than enough to have an impact on the businesses and startups they choose to invest in.

So far, Singular has five different startups in its current business portfolio. The startups are Gtmhub,, Soda, Resilience, and Indy. What stands out between each of these startups is simply how different they all are from one another. In fact, Gtmhub is an OKR management startup, while is a mental health solution for business owners to use for their employees. Indy is a fintech startup that provides accounting software, while Resilience is a healthtech startup looking to improve ongoing cancer treatments.

What remains incredibly clear is that while Singular is focused on tech to some degree, the company is interested in investing in other startup companies as well that they believe in. Singular also has range when it comes to investing. For seed rounds, the company invests much less; however, as the startup or business moves into later funding rounds, Singular is willing to increase its investment to over $20 million.

Singular started investing in October of 2020. While the firm is still too small to maintain a high level of spending in late-stage rounds, the company remains closely involved. Instead of directly raising money for a dedicated late-stage fund, the company instead structures special purpose investments with its partners. This allows the company to maintain a presence as a startup develops into a larger business.

European VC Investing and Future Prospects for Singular

Singular’s meteoric rise over the past year comes at a significant time for European investing. After reaching record-high investments in 2019 of well over $20 billion, European investing fell in 2020 due to the economic downturn from the COVID-19 pandemic. European VC investing looks to see a major comeback in 2021 as the global economy begins to slowly recover.

For a budding VC firm, Singular has already garnered financial support from major names such as Bpifrance, Vintage Investment Partners, Axa Venture Partners, Sofina, MACSF, and Mubadala Capital (among others). The support shown and the large amount of money already raised by the firm could prove to be a huge start for the VC company, which has really only begun to make an impact a few months ago. Tech startups and businesses across Europe will certainly be hearing more about Singular over the course of 2021.

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