Seqster Raises $12 Million as Startup Looks to Revolutionize Healthcare Data Technology

By Thomas Price Thursday, April 22, 2021

As the healthcare industry looks to rapidly modernize to a more paperless world, the need for better technology to replace traditional data storage, sharing, and operations continues to grow. Seqster is a tech startup looking to completely digitalize the healthcare data world. Through the data platform created by the company, Seqster allows for the healthcare business to store electronic health records, genetic data, and fitness data in one place. The startup recently closed a Series A funding round to grow its business and improve its overall technology to meet growing demand.

Seqster co-founders: Dr. Xiang Li, Ardy Arianpour, and Dana Hosseini.

How Seqster Technology Works and Early Success

Tech startup Seqster was founded in 2016 with the expressed mission to address the ongoing issues with fragmented, convoluted data collection and storage processes in the healthcare industry. The startup eventually took that goal and created its current data and technology platform. The Seqster platform allows for payers, providers, and clinics to all access integrated patient data in one easy to use location. As a result, healthcare providers and doctors have the most comprehensive information on a patient. This accessibility to information leads to higher quality and more efficient care.

Part of what makes the Seqster platform so unique is its integration with so many different forms of health data. Outside of traditional health records, the company also collects pharmacy data, lab data, genomic data, fitness wearables data, and other social factors that can affect health. The monumental effort to create and streamline the platform by the company has helped business take off.

In fact, the company is now connected to over 4,000 hospitals across the United States (US). The business also works with 150,000 different doctors’ offices and health clinics. These strong results have generated a lot of interest from investors in the company as business continues to grow.

Funding for Seqster and Future Plans

In the Series A funding round for Seqster, the startup raised $12 million in capital. The funding round was led by OmniHealth Holdings LLC with participation from Takeda Digital Ventures and CEO of 23andMe Anne Wojcicki. This new funding will allow the company to reinvest in its own technology, improving and scaling up its functionality to meet the growing demand for the product.

The growth of business for Seqster comes at a particularly crucial time for the healthcare data interoperability market. After being valued at $2.2 billion in 2018, projections see the market growing to $3.5 billion by 2025. The startup could be a major part of this growth in the near future, considering the significant inroads already taking place.

When commenting on the recent funding round, Seqster CEO and founder Ardy Arianpour said, “Seqster was built on the foundation that real-time access to a patient's complete medical history can solve major pain points across the healthcare continuum, impacting lives at scale. We are excited to have investors who are experienced operators and who share our mission and vision to change the way an enterprise or a patient can capture, refine and manage a multitude of disparate data sources in real-time, and present that aggregate in a way that solves real healthcare challenges.”

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