SEED SPOT’s Business Accelerator Opens Application Process for Virtual Program

By Thomas Price Thursday, January 14, 2021

Considering both the market saturation and the current economic uncertainty, startups and other small businesses are having a difficult time expanding and growing for a variety of reasons both within and outside of their control. As a result, many of these startups have been actively looking for resources and guidance on succeeding, growing, and gaining funding in today’s economy. SEED SPOT’s business accelerator program is precisely the type of resource that is becoming more and more important to small businesses and startups. With applications open for the newest program, what exactly does this business accelerator do, what do the startups who are involved with it get, and what are the likely outcomes from it?

SEED SPOT’s Spring Impact Accelerator

SEED SPOT is a top-ranking private business accelerator opening up applications for its newest program, the Spring Impact Accelerator. This program will serve a variety of major functions; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be virtual. SEED SPOT has now hosted three different virtual impact accelerators with participation from 59 different entrepreneurs. Despite the challenges involved with hosting the accelerator virtually, the three prior programs run in a manner that has actually led to the highest participation ratings since SEED SPOT was founded.

The latest impact accelerator that SEED SPOT is running will be a part-time online program that takes place over six weeks starting on March 8. The impact accelerator will be filled with informative content and valuable programs such as one-on-one meetings with mentors and coaches who are personally matched to each entrepreneur, advice from HR, legal, and finance experts, a fundraising pitch desk, workshops on a series of business topics, and a network of other businesses and business owners.

SEED SPOT is unique from other accelerators. Instead of requiring equity from the venture to join the program, they instead ask for a one-time fee of $1,999 to cover up to three members of any individual business to join in.

When commenting on the upcoming Spring Impact Accelerator, VP of Programs at SEED SPOT, Lauren McDanell, said, “Meet the diverse network of SEED SPOT social impact entrepreneurs truly changing our communities and our planet! They go further, faster, in the Impact Accelerator, and receive lifetime support as alumni. I encourage any entrepreneur who is ready to reimagine their potential to join this diverse, effective cohort of changemakers.”

Final Conclusions

Considering the difficult economic environment that the world is currently in, startups need all of the possible help they can get to raise the funding they deserve, build out their business, and succeed to the highest possible level. Business accelerators like SEED SPOT offer comprehensive programs and expertise to help startups get a major leg up against their competition. With a strong presence in the industry, SEED SPOT’s latest impact accelerator could be a significant asset for the business owners who participate in it.

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