Second Nature Announces $12.5 Million as the Company Launches Its AI Coaching Solution

By Thomas Price | Friday, January 14, 2022 | Startup, Tech

Second Nature is a tech startup that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help coach users improve their sales performance. The company recently announced it launched its AI software and closed on a Series A funding round to rapidly scale up its business.

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Second Nature AI Solution and Early Business Success

Tech startup Second Nature designed its AI sales coaching software to recreate sales calls through a simulation, allowing the user to gain insight into areas of improvement. By using the AI as a conversation partner named “Jenny,” the company can analyze users’ sales pitches in real time and give personalized feedback based on the depth of each topic covered. The user is also given scores that track several hard and soft skills such as knowledge of the product and company as well as presentation skills and demeanor.

Furthermore, Second Nature offers a number of learning and training modules designed to teach users basic sales strategies and communication techniques. Additionally, the tech startup has a “Learning Management System” where employers can create their own custom courses with educational material and videos that pertain more directly to the products sold by an individual business. The Learning Management System custom courses can be integrated with the AI so the material is assessed in the sales simulation.

The company reports significant improvement in sales results from business owners and representatives who have used the AI coach. The tech startup claims that sales representatives see a 45% improvement in performance after just 4 AI sales coaching sessions. Second Nature also reports that users experience a 28% increase in their win rates following the use of the AI.

Second Nature is a part of the United States (US) business coaching market estimated to be worth over $11 billion in 2022. The market is projected to grow by 2.4% over the course of the year.

Second Nature Funding Round and Future Business Plans

In its Series A funding round, Second Nature raised $12.5 million in capital. The funding round saw participation from signals Venture Capital, the Zoom Apps Fund, StageOne Ventures, and Cardumen Capital. The tech startup has now raised a total of $15.5 million.

The new funding for Second Nature will largely go toward supporting the launch of the company’s AI software to the public as the boost in new customers will require significant resources. The startup company is currently hiring for a number of positions in its engineering and management departments.

When commenting on the launch of the company and the latest funding round, co-founder and CEO of Second Nature Ariel Hitron said, “This demonstration of confidence from our new and current investors will help us transform enterprise sales productivity at scale. In the growing sales tech landscape, Second Nature has established itself as a leader in AI-powered simulation and role-play for customer facing roles. By helping companies transition their sales coaching from being ad hoc to data-driven and structured, we're empowering executives to drive real change in their organizations.”

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