Scribe AI Tackles Zoom Fatigue and Note-Taking With Software Solution

By James White Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Since classes, work meetings, and gatherings have shifted into a digital format assisted by tech companies and digital meeting businesses like Zoom, Microsoft, and Google, it is very easy to succumb to “Zoom fatigue.” Staring at a wall of faces on a computer screen is often tiring day after day, and it can be hard to stay motivated while taking notes on important discussions. However, startup company Scribe AI is seeking to ease the burden of note-taking during virtual conferences.

“Our long-term ambition is to provide perfect recall of every memory,” said Dan Siroker, founder and CEO of the startup business. “We want to help you remember everything.”

Scribe’s startup company is supported by several investors who have founded their own successful businesses in the past. Those backing the startup company include; Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of social media company Reddit; Marissa Mayer, former CEO of web services company Yahoo and founder of startup business Sunshine; Christopher North, former CEO of Shutterfly; and several others. The tech startup business has generated about $5 million in seed funding from its investors since its founding in 2020.

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Automating Note-Taking and Boosting Engagement

The startup company offers a software add-on to Zoom’s existing platform. Users can simply invite the program as they would any other meeting participant by providing it with the Zoom link. The software will then join into the conference as another attendee.

Once the software designed by the startup business joins the call, users are offered a variety of helpful features. The software is capable of recording both video and audio from the call (individual participants may adjust their personal privacy settings to opt out of recordings). In addition to recording the data and storing it for reference later, the program also creates a real-time transcript of the conversation, allowing users to edit and highlight important parts of the script while the call is underway. Furthermore, the software provides insights from calls, such as the breakdown of time each user spent talking.

Riding the Zoom Boom

As the work-from-home trend extends further into 2021, Zoom’s telecommunications business has experienced massive growth. The company reported Q4 revenues of $882.5 million, up from the $188.25 million reported a year prior. Scribe’s software finds a niche role in the Zoom platform, riding along with the teleconference company’s success in the massive global video conference market, which is expected to reach $9.55 billion by 2024.

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