Salsify Wins Awards for Its Workplace as the Company Shoots Upward

By Thomas Price Monday, October 26, 2020

With working from home becoming more and more commonplace in 2020, what defines a quality work environment has changed. Instead of being focused more on the actual in-office experience, the importance shifts toward how a company operates and, by definition, how that company then values and treats its workers. As the national awards for the quality workplace came due, one company stood clearly above the rest. That company is the thriving Salsify. Salsify has made major ripples over the prior few years and especially as of late. Their near sweep of workplace awards has built up in the minds of many people, a well-rounded company built for tremendous growth and employee loyalty. So, what does Salsify do, what can be expected in the future, and what do these awards mean?

What Is Salsify?

Salsify is a commerce experience platform that focuses mainly on helping companies utilize a cohesive, universal Digital Shelf for consumers and businesses to showcase products and build a more integrated brand. What this essentially boils down to is partnering with businesses through their CommerceXM platform in order to help strengthen these businesses and boost sales. The company focuses heavily on data, analytics, and creating a cohesive company on every level of selling a product. As creating a seamless purchase for the consumer online has become even more important in the modern age, Salsify has jumped on the opportunity. Since March of 2020, Salsify has seen a 400% increase in partner-led implementations of its platform in the European, Middle Eastern, and African regions. This rapid expansion has given Salsify a list of over 1000 clients in 80 different countries, including names such as Coca Cola, Asics, Rawlings, Samsonite, and L’Oreal.

Their impressive resume of clientele, along with the clear results that Salsify has continued to show, has led to significant funding from investors and private equity firms. During their Series E funding round, Salsify raised $155 million from a series of investors, including Matrix, Underscore, and Venrock, while being led by Warburg Pincus. Before the Series E funding, Salsify had raised a total of $98 million, suggesting that as time has gone on, investors have seen more potential. While the company’s valuation after this round of funding was not disclosed by Salsify, their previous one was already quite significant at $308 million. Considering that the company over doubled its total funding in just one round, that valuation is likely to be significantly higher.

Salsify’s Workplace Awards

On top of Salsify’s already incredible growth and potential as a company, they are also being hailed as one of the best places to work in the world. At the Comparably’s “Best Company” Awards this October, Salsify won four different awards regarding the workplace. In the categories of Happiest Employees, Best Compensation, Best Perks & Benefits, and Best Work-Life Balance, Salsify was named top 50 for all four in the small/medium-sized company section. Adding on to this accomplishment, Salsify was also honored by Great Places to Work and Fortune by being named to their list of “2020 Best Small & Medium Workplaces.”

The categories that include Salsify are particularly interesting in 2020. Without the option of working at an office for the majority of employees, Salsify must rely on additional concrete reasons for them to remain a great workplace. While happiness is more arbitrary, compensations, benefits, and work-life balance are all vital elements that make a good workplace without an office that could provide things such as a free lunch or a solid working environment. Work-life balance, in particular, rings extremely important as many employees elsewhere are seeing their own balance be thrown off given the odd nature of working full time from home.

Final Conclusions

Salsify has jettisoned itself into a position where both the prospects for working at the company are as exciting as the growth and results. Creating a workplace that fosters loyal and happy employees could even be listed as a contributing factor as to why Salsify is doing so well in the first place. Salsify has proven on perhaps the two most vital parts of a growing company: they are prepared to succeed and compensate those who help them get there fairly as well.

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