Salsify Introduces Partner Program to Advance Digital Shelf Knowledge to Global Manufacturers

By McKenzie Carpenter Monday, January 25, 2021

While the office landscape has drastically changed in the past year, it did not stop Salsify from adapting to the new normal. The company proved its adaptation by garnering several workplace awards for having a quality work environment. It then comes as no surprise that the business has maintained a high quality of service for its clients as well. The business is now introducing a partner program for global manufacturers to extend the company’s digital shelf prowess.

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What Is Salsify?

Salsify is an ecommerce experience platform that allows brands to dominate on the digital shelf by delivering on-demand products to consumers anywhere they wish to shop online. As a result, businesses can capitalize on brand recognition and image and build an overall trusted, unified company.

Over 1,000 companies currently utilize Salsify, such as Coca-Cola, Asics, Bosch, L’Oreal, and Samsonite. The company gains recognition from more than 80 countries from all over the world. Furthermore, over 977 million products have been published using the business’s technology. With big business names like the ones previously listed and their influence around the world, it’s not a surprise that the company has had some astounding success.

Startup Savant reported in October 2020 that the business had raised a total of $98 million in financing up until that point. Now, just a few short months later, the startup has increased that amount to $198.1 million in total funding — a figure more than double than what was funded before. The startup even doubled the number of partners in 2020 and created triple the amount of revenue in 2020 compared to 2019.

The Startup’s New Partner Program

The startup is introducing a new partner program that offers tiered levels for partners to exploit for their own benefits. In a press release, the company states that some of the benefits include access to the startup’s certification program, co-marketing opportunities with other brands, committed enablement and support resources, and access to networking and educational activities, among other things.

When speaking of the value the new partner program will add to businesses using Salsify, Dan Herman, SVP, Partners & Alliances at Salsify, said in the same press release, “Brand manufacturers need to accelerate digital shelf efforts immediately if they want to keep pace with the rapid changes in consumer behavior. Such an acceleration can only happen when they take advantage of the best technologies and expertise available.”

In addition, John Phan, Chief Revenue Officer at Amplifi, a client of Salsify, adds, “Salsify continues to be one of our most effective technology partners when it comes to ensuring that joint clients can onboard quickly and effectively while simultaneously setting them up for long-term success...These new resources being offered in the expanded partner program will be a boon to our continued work with Salsify, driving digital shelf excellence across our shared client base.”

Final Conclusions

It is very clear from looking at the numbers alone that this startup company has had tremendous business success. Generally, success like this does not happen unless there are satisfied customers, and from the sounds of it, customers are extremely pleased with the business’s support and resources it provides. The company has proven to provide a quality service to clients, and there is no doubt that the new partner program will be successful for the startup as well.

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