Saillant Therapeutics Finds a New Heart Failure Treatment

By Thomas Price Sunday, December 13, 2020

Solving health issues and treatments for long-standing medical problems in the world has always been a pursuit for the global medical community. However, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been increased attention to matters specifically involving the deadly virus. While this is expected and understandable, these pursuits have not kept the rest of the medical community from continuing to make strides elsewhere that may also have a major impact on a global scale. One of these strides forward comes from Saillant Therapeutics, where they have acquired a Proof of Concept for their new treatment for heart failure — a leading cause of death in the United States. So, who is Saillant Therapeutics, what does their heart failure treatment do, and when can it be expected to be used?

Saillant Therapeutics

Saillant Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company based in The Netherlands that focuses mostly on developing molecule-based therapies. The company was founded in 2018 by the current chief security officer, Dr. Hamid el Azzouzi, and current non-executive director and chairman, Dr. Ad van Gorp. Those two are joined by the current CEO, Dr. Joost van Bree, who joined the team later. The company is most well known for the development and creation of the pharmaceutical platform ST-01, which activates a cellular master regulator. This essentially means that the compound helps prevent tissue and nerve damage in the nervous system and vital organs while also acting as an inhibitor to viral replication. The recent discovery of many different novel mechanisms in their original platform could lead to a series of antiviral treatments in the future, including ones that could possibly inhibit the replication of the COVID-19 virus.

The seed financing they have acquired up to this point has allowed their ST-01 platform to reach preclinical development and be used in a variety of different derivatives, leading to at least one drug treatment candidate reaching the clinic before 2022 ends. Their recent development is a major step both for the company as well as possibly for the medical community as a whole.

Heart Failure Treatment

Saillant Therapeutics’s recent announcement was about the company obtaining Proof of Concept for their new lead compound ST-02. The compound will be used in order to help treat heart failure, and was tested under a preclinical heart fail model very commonly used for such treatments. The results under this model showed a clear reversal of the many factors causing heart failure, leading to a return to normal function. The reversed factors included improved Cardiac Output (CO) and Ejection Fraction (EF), both critically dangerous to the heart. Even more promising than simply this reversal of EF was the rejuvenation of the myocardial tissue.

These results were seen over the course of four weeks of treatment, where Saillant Therapeutics saw the treatment return normal heart function to failing hearts. The hearts that were treated beyond returning to normal function also had a significant reduction in scar tissue, a hallmark sign of the ST compounds. The treatment works by dealing with stress on the heart cells. Stress on the heart cells can only be sustained for so long before the cells begin to die, so ST-02 essentially allows for an anti-stress response to happen for a longer time than normally seen. This allows for the stress to be addressed and reversed before the cells begin to die. Because of these robust results, the treatment will move forward, and clinical trials will begin within one or two years. In the meantime, preclinical safety trials will be taking place in partnership with multiple contract research organizations.

Final Conclusions

Saillant Therapeutics has made a significant development by using their invented compounds that could lead to major changes in how heart failure, among many other medical issues, are treated. Their compounds have the potential to be used under many different situations, but their recent breakthrough regarding heart failure could be the most immediately viable, considering the extremely positive results evidenced by the heart failure models from the study. While not much is known about the current state of their funding, it would be very likely that investors in the medical research world take notice, especially once clinical trials begin.

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