Sachs Media Group Receives Prestigious Forbes Designation

By Elijah Labby Saturday, November 7, 2020

Sachs Media, a Tallahassee, Florida-based public relations firm, has earned a prestigious five-star rating from Forbes, marking it as one of the country’s best PR firms.

Nearly 25 years old, Sachs Media has garnered several other accolades in recent years, including a spot in the 2020 Agency Elite Top 100 firms in the nation by PRNews and a designation as one of “Florida’s Best Companies to Work For.” The honor from Forbes solidifies the agency as among the best of the United States’ 7,000+ PR agencies.

Much of Sachs’s work revolves around working with advocacy organizations like the American Cancer Society, Florida Public Advocacy, and the Florida Association of Healthy Start Coalitions to promote social and legislative causes.

The recognition will presumably enable the firm to engage in business with other high-level clients. Founder and chief executive Ron Sachs said working with such clients was a privilege.

"We are honored by this recognition and consider it a clear reflection of having the privilege of representing amazing clients in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors whose own works are worthy of high praise," he said.

Sachs began what was then a one-man agency in 1996 after a career in journalism. Today, Sachs Media has four office locations and about thirty employees, all of which remained employed through the pandemic.

The group is one of only nine Florida-based firms to receive the honor. Local competition also on the list includes Fish Consulting, rbb Communications, the Conroy Martinez Group, and Axia Public Relations, among others.

Sachs Media Group’s Work

Some of Sachs Media Group’s most important work revolves around political polling in the Sunshine State.

One notable recent poll conducted in Leon County, Florida, in which Tallahassee sits, found that a majority of residents supported a publicly-funded Children’s Services Council. Sachs has also worked with Florida House Republicans to hold elected officials accountable for federal spending.

In August, Sachs worked with the Republican-led House of Representatives to build a website that scores Florida cities based on crime, spending, education, and other factors. The effort was dubbed the Taxpayer Accountability and Transparency Project, and House Speaker Jose Oliva said it “gives residents a useful tool to help them make educated judgments and hold their elected officials accountable.”

The Future of PR

The American public relations industry is growing at a modest pace — about 10% yearly. Worth just south of $64 billion in 2018, analysts anticipate that the industry will grow to above $93 billion in 2022.

This growth may be driven by increased American attention to news and happenings across the country through social media. The number of Americans who receive their news from online sources like news websites and social media outlets is growing, and a huge opportunity for public relations is following after.

For a public relations firm — which are often staffed with large numbers of former reporters — the goal is to be featured in one of the highly-read newspapers or websites. Jordan Cohen, chief marketing officer for North Sixth Agency, a PR firm, said that an agent’s primary benefit is getting a company’s announcement noticed.

“PR can not only play a role in achieving those outcomes but a predominant one,” he said. “Anyone can buy an ad, but getting The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal to write about you is 10x more valuable from a marketing perspective.”

Sachs Media’s ability to position their polls and research within some of Tallahassee's leading newspapers is a particularly good representation of this. And if Sachs continues to do this work, it seems they will be positioned for many future wins.

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