Roadster Salon Makes Major Adjustments to Deal With COVID-19

By Thomas Price Sunday, November 29, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues through the end of the year, businesses have had to make major adjustments in order to continue operating. While for retail businesses that may mean curbside pick-up or capacity limits indoors, for companies such as Roadster Salon, that has meant bigger changes, to say the least. As a company with the specific focus of restoring Fiat Spiders, the road to creating a safer work environment has meant some significant differences in the way they previously operated. So, what has the COVID-19 pandemic done to Roadster Salon’s success, and how have they adapted in order to create a safer work environment?

Roadster Salon During the Pandemic

While many businesses have struggled greatly to maintain strong sales or revenue during the pandemic, that is certainly not the case with Roadster Salon. In fact, the company currently has a two-year backlog on orders for some models of the Fiat. In fact, Roadster Salon is the largest restorer of Fiat Spiders in the United States. During the pandemic, the company has reported that its sales continue to remain steady. However, the major issue for Roadster Salon during the pandemic has been ensuring the safety and conditions of their workers. The demand is certainly there, but given the tightly spaced nature of their work environment, Roadster Salon could not guarantee a safe place for its employees. After being completely shut down for a solid four months, the company reopened with a limited number of workers present at the same time.

The difficult issue for Roadster Salon and many similar types of businesses is that there is no real option for working at home. When the entire style of work involves restoring physical cars and therefore having many technicians and mechanics being in close quarters together, it is far more difficult to maintain normal operations. As a result, using only limited staff has led to severe delays for customers hoping to have their restored Fiat sooner rather than later. However, Roadster Salon has since made major adjustments to their workplace in order to fix what is happening here.

Roadster Salon’s Expansion to the Workplace

To bring business operations back to full capacity while also ensuring employee safety, Roadster Salon has decided to drastically expand the space in which they work. While assembly, storage, and administrative offices were all originally taking place in the same building, the company has made some major changes by expanding their current property into three different buildings, therefore separating each of these different workforces. The overall hope is that by separating the different employees, they would be able to bring in more of their workers without endangering anyone’s safety.

While this adaptation to the pandemic will first and foremost create a safer working environment for the employees, it should also lead to a far more efficient workforce. In fact, for Roadster Salon, this will mean that those delayed delivery times will be pushed closer to their original dates once again. It will also mean that the company will be able to bring in their electric vehicle production, which was planned to begin before the COVID-19 pandemic. With the added space, the extra load of work and employees required to seriously make strong inroads on the electric vehicle front is no longer a major risk, and Roadster Salon can begin to develop this section of their business once again.

Final Conclusions

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many different challenges. For businesses like Roadster Salon, where business must be done in person with a level of physical closeness, it was extremely difficult to get to a place where both safety and efficiency found a balance. Their plans to expand their property and workplace are solid and will result in a more efficient workforce and a far safer one where the risk diminishes significantly. This, of course, is only possible because of the substantial sales numbers that they have maintained throughout the pandemic, keeping them liquid enough to make a major decision like this one. Either way, Roadster Salon seems well equipped for future success.

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