RITZ Crackers Promotes Inclusion in New Holiday Ad and Donates to Charities

By Thomas Price Friday, November 13, 2020

The holiday season in 2020 is going to look radically different than most other years for a variety of reasons. For some, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will keep some from visiting or celebrating with loved ones, while for others, the reasons may be more complicated. That complexity, among other things, is what the RITZ brand attempts to touch on in their newest ad for the holiday season, “Where There’s Love, There’s Family.” The TV ad highlights a variety of different ways people are celebrating the holidays this year, even without necessarily joining their immediate family members for one reason or another. So, what exactly is taking place in this ad, and does this represent more than emotionally evocative marketing for the RITZ brand?

The RITZ Ad Itself

The ad’s basic premise follows a few different vignettes of people finding new ways to celebrate the holidays without their families. It opens on a more somber note with two major storylines. One presents a grandmother unable to see her family in person due to the risks involved during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving her confined to her retirement home. The other is a gay man who, after making several unanswered attempts at reaching out to his mother, appears to not be invited to join in on his family’s holiday celebration. While the grandmother is video chatting with her daughter and grandchild who cannot meet with her in person, the man is sending text messages to his mother, but does not receive a reply. Two other simultaneous storylines focus on a man putting on lipstick and a mother and daughter at a homeless shelter during the holidays.

The moment the ad begins to look more positive is when the daughter slides a RITZ cracker over to a homeless man who then smiles at her and eats it. This is followed by shots of the older woman bringing out a tray of hor d'oeuvres using RITZ crackers to celebrate with the rest of her retirement community as well as the gay man being welcomed into the home of the man who was previously putting on lipstick. People in the ad want to earnestly celebrate and enjoy themselves despite not one of the characters being with their immediate family members for the holidays, reinforcing the name of the ad itself, “Where There’s Love, There’s Family.” The RITZ brand ad is poignant for many people today and will receive a significant push from the company along with some genuine belief in what the ad represents.

RITZ Distribution and Charitable Efforts

The ad created by the RITZ brand will see TV spots, a strong social media campaign, and custom content partnerships with Hulu and Vice Media Group. The reach of Vice Media Group extends to Munchies, Refinery29, and Somos as well, which should lead to significant exposure for RITZ from the ad campaign. One other major aspect of the partnership with Vice will be the new content series, “Our Table.” The series will highlight four different families who have bonded through unlikely friendships or specific shared interests, reinforcing the ad’s theme. However, these will be real stories as opposed to fiction.

As for the RITZ brand, stories like these highlight real issues people face, such as homelessness, intolerance toward people based on their orientation, and much more. To combat these societal problems, the RITZ brand will be donating $50,000 to three different charitable organizations in an effort to create change. The three organizations will be Hispanic Star, It Gets Better Project, and Invisible People. A smaller but also notable part of the holiday season for RITZ will be the return of their snowflake cracker, which was also announced during the release of the new ad campaign.

Final Conclusions

The RITZ brand has created an ad campaign that is trying to be more inclusive and representative of the world as it stands in 2020 while still maintaining the same values of togetherness and family that often mark the holidays. Instead of focusing on traditional family gatherings, RITZ instead has chosen to illustrate the many different ways people will celebrate this year and share their love.

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