Startup Rezilion Nabs $30 Million to Help Customers Eliminate Over 70% of Manual Cybersecurity Work

By Adriaan Brits Monday, September 13, 2021

Rezilion, a cybersecurity startup company, announced today it raised $30 million in a Series A business funding round led by Guggenheim Investments.

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Technology for Swift and Secure Security Software Delivery

JVP and Kindred Capital participated in the Series A business funding round. Other investors such as current and former security executives and representatives from Google, Microsoft, CrowdStrike, IBM, Cisco, PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, Nasdaq, eBay, Symantec, RedHat, RSA, and Tenable also funded the cybersecurity startup.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, many companies were forced to design a new digital-first approach and transform their business operations, pressurizing IT teams to come up with digital solutions in very short timeframes. 

Although the process of developing code was largely automated thanks to DevOps, securing the massive amounts of this code and mitigating risks that come with it posed immense challenges for engineers. Companies had to make a quick decision to play safe or release fast. 

"Rezilion's product suite is a game changer for security teams. It creates a win-win, allowing companies to speed innovative products and features to market while enhancing their security posture. We believe Rezilion has created a truly compelling value proposition for security teams, one that greatly increases return on time while thoroughly protecting one's core infrastructure,” said Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Investments, Rusty Parks

Founded in 2018, the Israel-based startup company has developed an autonomous DevSecOps platform that automates manual security bottlenecks. The platform is able to dramatically diminish the number of security tasks that need to be conducted to launch new digital solutions while protecting the software environment. Rezilion users have cut their patching backlog by over 70%, allowing engineers to focus on the product. 

"At Rezilion, we are deeply committed to helping organizations drive their own innovation by reducing the resource drain, inaccuracies and operational friction created by manual security work. We know there's never been a better time for organizations to experience what we call 'trust in motion,' or the peace of mind that comes from moving fast while staying safe and secure,” said Liran Tancman, co-founder and CEO of Rezilion. 

Utilizing its patented “Unison” workload composition analysis technology, the cybersecurity startup company managed to design a complete model of all the code across cloud applications and the workload involved. The platform automatically establishes a full software bill of materials and deconstructs the entire code to provide information about its function and monitor its status and interactions. 

The cybersecurity startup company plans to use raised business funding to scale its go-to-market efforts and strike partnerships with other DevSecOps product developers. Rezilion will also expand its business and customer base across the United States (US) and Europe. Additional product development is meant to help close the gap between security and engineering even more and boost the output of both resources. 

Rezilion currently operates in the US and Israel and is rapidly growing its client base, which consists of Fortune 100 companies and other industry leaders.


Cybersecurity company Rezilion raised $30 million in a Series A business funding round led by Guggenheim Investments. The startup company, which currently operates in the US and Israel, plans to use the raised business funding to scale its go-to-market efforts. Additionally, the business will team up with other DevSecOps solution providers and expand its business into new markets.

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