Revere Plastic Systems Expands Business Operations to Mexico With New Acquisition

By Jemima McEvoy Sunday, January 10, 2021

Already boasting manufacturing facilities across the United States, Revere Plastic Systems has made an exciting business acquisition that will expand its reach to Mexico. Effective as of last month, the plastics manufacturer now has Alliance0McAlpin NY, LLC (otherwise known as “A-MNY”) and its subsidiary Alliance-McAlpin MX, S. de R.L. de C.V. (“A-MMEX”) under its wing. This acquisition will establish Revere’s first manufacturing facility in New Mexico.

What Does Revere Plastic Systems Do?

The 50-year-old company, headquartered in Novi, Michigan specializes in plastic injection molding and, according to its LinkedIn page, boasts presses “ranging in 25 - 1,500 tonnes.” The company employs over 1,500 people across its manufacturing, technical, and sales facilities and works with customers like Kohler Engines, Tyco, and Whirlpool.
“At Revere Plastics Systems we use our flexible thinking in the areas of design, injection molding, assembly and testing to create new and cutting edge solutions to your most complex problems,” says the company’s website. “We bring engineering excellence, high-volume throughput, cost-reducing supplier deals, and the fastest tooling ramp-up.”

A Business-Boosting Deal

As the company is private, it’s not possible to know its business valuation. The financial details of this acquisition were also not published. However, Revere’s CEO Glen Fish praised the move in a statement released this week. "This acquisition gives Revere an important foothold in the vibrant manufacturing region of northeastern Mexico," said Fish, explaining: “The acquisition of A-MNY and A-MMEX enhances our ability to quickly bring products to market in a very cost-effective way.”

One of the benefits of this acquisition, explains a press release from the company, is that A-MNY and A-MMEX operate as a “maquiladora;” in other words, they are companies that allow factories to be largely duty-free and tariff-free. Already operating 23 injection molding presses, Revere views this as a way to offer customers “a cost-effective solution for injection molded products in various end markets.”

The acquisition of this company and its subsidiary also marks another notch on Revere’s belt in a year of business expansion. This is the third facility acquired by the company in 2020 alone. “To be able to continue expanding while satisfying our current customer base during a global pandemic is an achievement worth celebrating,” said Fink.

The company is also particularly excited about expanding its operation outside of the US sphere, where it currently has manufacturing facilities in Auburn, Alabama; Fraser, Michigan; Jeffersonville, Indiana; Ankeny, Iowa; Poplar Bluff, Missouri; and Clyde, Ohio. The business also operates its manufacturing facilities in Brampton, Ontario.

"We're excited to work with current A-MMEX customers, and to introduce new market leaders to the Mexico operation,” said Revere’s Chief Commercial Officer Kiki Nimtz. “Expanding our client base and manufacturing capabilities are key to Revere's long-term growth strategy."

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