ReturnSafe Raises Funding as COVID-19 Continues on Through the New Year

By Thomas Price Monday, January 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately defined the lives of nearly everyone across the globe over the course of the last year. With businesses shut down or operating at a limited capacity, nearly every facet of life has had to change drastically. This includes a massive influx of individuals working from home. However, there are many jobs where working at home is simply not an option. In this case, these businesses must do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection and create a workplace that is safe for everyone who must be there. The startup ReturnSafe has developed an app specifically for that. So, how does ReturnSafe work, what kind of funding has it received, and what can be expected from the startup in the future?

What Is ReturnSafe?

ReturnSafe is a startup based in Austin that has developed an app to help employees return to their workplace safely and without significant risk of infection. The startup’s app achieves this by providing screening, testing and vaccine management, and contact tracing, all in one place. More specifically, ReturnSafe’s symptom screening is a daily checklist of symptoms that are marked if the employee is experiencing them. Depending on the symptoms, the app will either provide the employee with an access pass or recommend that they stay home from work.

On the business side of things, human resources (HR) can monitor the symptom screenings through the BioSecurity Portal. This feature ensures companies using the app that those who are coming to work are healthy and have filled out the screening.

Employees can also report any testing results they have had recently to provide a better picture of their health status. They can also take a personalized vulnerability assessment to give employers a better idea of who the companies would require to be tested and plan ahead to pay for any necessary testing.

ReturnSafe also comes equipped with automated contact tracing to inform employees if they need to isolate or get tested, while also providing a social distancing alarm connected through the apps to ensure safety in the workplace. The final major feature of the app is the vaccine program management, where employers can keep track of how many workers have been vaccinated over time.

ReturnSafe has already shown promising results since its launch just six months ago. In fact, the startup has a recurring revenue of six figures every single month. The startup is already working with 50 different organizations, showing just how in-demand an app like this truly is to the public right now. This sort of growth in such a short period of time has in turn brought investors to the startup.

ReturnSafe’s Funding and Plans for the Future

The startup most recently announced its new funding round, which raised $3.25 million. The two major investors for this financing were Fifty Years and Active Capital. Beyond simply continuing to improve the app for practical use, ReturnSafe also has other ideas for the future, especially with the newly acquired capital. The largest of these ideas has been the prospect of creating a wearable device to go along with the app that would better maintain social distance between coworkers.

ReturnSafe is a startup that has jumped on what is an extremely potent market right now. With other versions of their product like WorkSafe or ProtectWell also pushing for market share, there is clear demand for an easy, manageable way to keep employees safe as they return to work. However, given ReturnSafe’s recent funding, a strong list of clients, and solid base revenue despite being so young as a startup, there is a clear path for the app to mainstream success.

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