ReFuel Mobile Raises $2.5 Million CAD, Changing Car Owners' Gasoline Refueling Experience

By Bruce Harpham Thursday, February 25, 2021

Driving your car to a gas station is a common chore, but that might change as ReFuel Mobile grows. Users can use an app to request fuel delivery automatically. The London, Ontario, startup business has raised $2.5 million CAD ($1.98 million USD) in funding to grow. The business has not disclosed its investors. With the added funding, the startup company will expand to cities nearby Toronto (Canada's largest city), including Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Ottawa, Brampton, Markham, and Vaughan.

A ReFuel Mobile truck refueling a van.

ReFuel Mobile Serves B2B Customers

B2B customers are a key customer segment for RuFuel Mobile’s growth. The business helps companies like car dealerships and delivery companies in Ontario. There are more than one thousand car dealerships in Ontario, according to Government of Canada statistics. By providing fuel automatically, the company can help B2B customers save time and money.

The Company Is Developing New Features

The startup company has several new features in the works. “The new app will have new features such as discount codes, referral programs, and reminders. For dealerships, we are building an online portal for them to order fuel, view past orders, and update deliveries,” Refuel Mobile’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Mo Daouk, told Startup Savant in an interview.

“The dealerships absolutely love our model. The average dealership company will spend around 15 minutes per car to fill up each car at the gas station. If a dealership sells 100 cars every month, that's equivalent to 25 hours per month spent on fueling cars,” commented Daouk.

How ReFuel’s Service Works

Instead of drivers personally driving a vehicle to a gas station, fuel comes to ReFuel customers. By using the ReFuel mobile app, a driver can request fuel delivery directly to their vehicle. Customers pay for their fuel by credit card and receive notifications when the fuel has been delivered.

The business offers both regular gasoline (87 Octane) and premium gasoline (91 Octane) to customers. Today, the company’s service area includes London, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, which are mid-sized cities in Ontario.

The Startup Business Is Growing Its Workforce

From its current base of seven employees as of February 2021, the startup company is actively recruiting for several open job positions. The startup is looking to hire sales and marketing employees such as a social media manager and a sales rep. In addition, the business is planning to hire truck drivers and a developer to enhance their service.

The Vehicle Service Startup Trend

Fuel is just one of the needs that car owners face. Several other startup companies offer services to car owners. Wrench, a mobile car repair startup business based in Seattle, grew revenue 300% last year. “We’re seeing significant growth in services and repairs for fleet vehicles,” Ed Peterson, CEO of Wrench, told GeekWire. Meanwhile, Tic Toc Auto makes home visits to service vehicles, including replacing oil, swapping tires, and brake maintenance in Arkansas. Tic Toc Auto charges customers a monthly fee of $29 and uses the Shopify (TSE: SHOP) platform.

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