Quell Raises Funding for Home Fitness as Trend Grows in 2020

By Thomas Price Sunday, December 27, 2020

As the COVID-19 drags into the end of the year and 2021, of the many challenges people have been facing as a result, staying active has certainly been one of them. With many gyms and fitness centers remaining closed or at extremely limited capacity, it has been extremely difficult to stay fit during the year with so many resources being cut off. However, as the year has progressed, in-home fitness has become a major source of growth as people have been forced to become more resourceful. Quell, a startup based in London, has been looking to be a part of this growing phenomenon. By creating a video game-style workout, the startup is trying to build more engaging and exciting ways to stay fit for the growing population looking to be active while following safety protocols. So, how exactly does Quell work, what kind of funding have they received, and what does the future look like for the startup?

What Is Quell?

Quell is a video game and fitness startup that has created both physical fitness equipment and an accompanying video game to create an active, fun fitness experience. The fitness equipment Quell has developed is called the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a harness of sorts that provides resistance to punches and other forward motion arm movements while also having built-in technology that tracks the user’s motions to be translated in the accompanying video game.

The video game, developed by the in-house studio, is a fantasy adventure that requires the user to fight different monsters and challengers through a series of different fighting styles that the user must learn and adapt to. The video game is available for use on mobile devices and computers, connecting to the Gauntlet through Bluetooth. While not available directly on the TV, users can connect one of their other devices and play using the TV as their screen.

The goal of Quell’s product is to change the mindset behind in-home fitness completely. Instead of simply being given instructions, Quell hopes to immerse users so deeply into the video game that the physical exercise happening is not on the forefront of their minds. On top of this, Quell’s fitness system is also more efficient than other forms of exercise. In fact, using Quell on average burns 630 calories an hour, which, in comparison to circuit training which averages 596 calories, and spinning, which burns around 520 calories in an hour, is a significant improvement. With the exciting concept and strong physical results, both individuals and large scale investors have taken notice of Quell.

Quell’s Funding and Goals for the Future

During Quell’s seed funding round, the startup raised $3 million. Quell’s funding in this round came from various investors, including co-founders of Twitch, Kevin Lin and Emmett Shear; Josh Hannah, the founder of WikiHow; Tencent; Khosla Ventures; Heartcore; AngelList founder Naval Ravikant; Social Impact Capital, and JamJar Investments. A notable point to mention as well is that over the course of this seed round funding, Quell’s valuation went from $10 million up to $15 million, pointing to the round’s success.

Quell also had a crowdfunding campaign earlier that generated around $670,000 on the investments of almost 3,000 different individual backers. Much of this enthusiasm can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exploded at-home fitness in 2020, a trend that may extend far past the end of current lockdowns and government mandates.

The company has major plans for the future, which include creating console and TV-friendly versions of their video game and an additional version of the Gauntlet that can adjust resistance and make the product more transferable between users. Additionally, their hardware is expected to make its debut before the end of 2021.

Final Conclusions

Quell is making new strides in the fitness industry. Creating a product that simultaneously provides an efficient workout for the user while also giving them engaging, interactive entertainment could help motivate those who would not otherwise exercise. Moreover, with the major popularity of at-home workouts, Quell could very easily harness that excitement and translate it into significant revenue in the near future as their actual product begins to roll out to the public.

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