Queer Eye Star Educates Others on How to Design a Tranquil Space

By Adriaan Brits Sunday, August 16, 2020

Famous for his role on Netflix’s big hit “Queer Eye,” Bobby Berk shares his secrets for designing tranquil living spaces.

If you are looking simply to spruce up your spaces (or doing a full-on renovation), these expert tips will get the job done. This Emmy-nominated US interior designer aims to create spaces that are calming and add to the room’s feel/mood. Follow his advice to achieve a tranquil home.

10 Design Tips to Follow

According to Berk, these are ten factors that you should keep in mind when styling a serene space.

Choose a Calm Color Palette

Opting for a color palette that is calm and soothing sets you on the right path. Colors are known to evoke emotions, which makes choosing the right color palette quite important. Colors such as ivory, white, light greys -even blues and greens- can set the desired feel.

The color red, for example, is not associated with calm and tranquility. Choosing this color will create an atmosphere that is harsh, loud, or alarming, which is not conducive to creating a calm space.

Do In-Depth Decluttering

Next, you need to go on a decluttering mission. The overall look that will create a tranquil space will be minimal and simplistic ((but not bland). Therefore, you need to create clean, open spaces to set the feelings of relaxation and comfort. Clutter can negatively affect the mind as well. By decluttering, you automatically calm the mind down.

Berk suggests only leaving out items to be visible that you use daily or have a particular affection for. For your other belongings, Berk recommends simply packing them away in storage boxes. However, the choice is up to you. You could repurpose items that you can or you can donate as well.

Turn Bathrooms into Private Spas

Having a relaxing soak in the bath is a real treat for many. However, this cannot be done if your bathroom is wild, messy, or unmaintained. The Netflix star recommends treating your bath as though it is a luxurious spa. Therefore, by adding a glass jar for bath salts, wooden body brushes, and more, you can achieve this feeling in the comfort of your own home.

Opt for Soft Textures

Paying attention to textures used is equally important. Soft textures bring a sense of calmness, coziness, and comfort. Think of spikes or rough textures. Using these will create spaces that are intended to be wild, bold, and dramatic. Therefore, consider adding a woven blanket to your couch, soft pillows on the bed, or luxurious linen sheets. These soft textures certainly will set the tone of serenity.

Work in Fragrances

Do not be afraid to add a scent to the room. Smells can bring back pleasant memories. Think of the relaxing scent of lavender oil. Why not add it to your bathroom for an especially tranquil and relaxing soak? Another option would be to make use of a jasmine candle in your living space. These will fill the air with the essence of calmness and relaxation.

Green Makes Spaces Serene

Add something green. Plants are known to have calming effects on people. Therefore, consider adding a pot plant in your living room or kitchen. Plants have numerous benefits. A major benefit is that they provide us with clean air. You can see how they would add an element of freshness and peace to the room.

Include Elements of Nature

It is well-known that an especially calming activity for a person to do is to be out in nature. Berk suggests bringing some of it home with you. Adding elements of nature, such as a woven basket, warm wooden furniture, or even a crystal, will exceptionally enhance the room.

Be Smart About Art

Moreover, you must be mindful of the choices you make regarding the display of art in your home. Collect pieces that reflect a calm environment. This could include pictures of landscapes, still lives and photographs that stir emotions of happiness and serenity.

Proper Lighting

It is important not to overlook the value that good lighting can bring to a room. Bobby Berk suggests opting for soft white dimmable LED bulbs to create a calm mood. Installing a dimmer will go one step further to achieving pleasing light in the space.

Go Sentimental With Display Pieces

Put your sentimental pieces out on display. This creates the association of the room with happy, positive times in your life which will make the room warm, comforting, and inviting. These could be items from holidays, family heirlooms or even items you collected from nature. The choice is up to you.

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