Quark.ai Announces Over $5 Million for Its Autonomous Customer Support Platform

By Thomas Price | Tuesday, 10 August 2021 | Startup, Tech

For business owners with a solid user base, the ability to communicate and solve problems for those customers is a necessary part of the growth process. Quark.ai is a tech startup making that part of the business easier with its autonomous customer support platform built for accuracy. The company recently announced the closing of a seed-plus funding round to expand its technology and scale up to meet new demand.

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How Quark.ai Works and Effectiveness of Platform

Tech startup Quark.ai uses deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision to create highly accurate, automatic responses to customer emails and address any problems. What sets the company apart from similar ones is its recognition capabilities. For similar questions, the tech startup can identify the root of the questions asked and provides direct responses without the need for human interference or reference. Additionally, it can easily recognize duplicate emails and respond to one instead of both.

For business owners, Quark.ai can be very effective for multiple reasons. In comparison to hiring a human who exclusively handles customer support, the company is a significantly cheaper alternative. Alongside being more efficient, the tech startup has been proven to be more efficient with its deep learning software only improving over time.

One of the most important features that the company offers is document reading and processing. A business owner can essentially feed the deep learning software any documents or guides that relate to customer support or products being sold, and it will gain all relevant information to better respond to customers. 

The effectiveness of the software created by the tech startup has made it very popular with business owners looking to save money and increase productivity. Furthermore, many investors see the company as a major opportunity for future growth.

Quark.ai Funding and Future Plans

In a seed-plus funding round for Quark.ai, the business raised over $5 million. The funding round was led by DNX Ventures with participation from Fusion Fund, Tie Angels, and True Blue Partners. 

The company will use this new funding to help expand and improve the current technology used by the business. The technology will be scaled up to handle larger clients and more complex tasks. Additionally, the tech startup will look to grow its business by onboarding more customers. Earlier this month, the company was listed on the Zendesk marketplace to open itself to a larger audience. 

Quark.ai is also gaining more momentum just as customer service sees its value rising exponentially. In fact, the customer service industry is worth well over $350 billion. That value is only expected to grow as more businesses begin to create an online presence for themselves. 

When commenting on the latest funding round for Quark.ai, DNX Ventures Managing Partner Q Motiwala said, “Quark.ai has already demonstrated unprecedented customer experience and efficiency to resolve complex support cases. We look forward to helping Quark.ai bring the power of the Autonomous Customer Support platform to enterprise customers throughout the world.”

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