Pure Watercraft Brings Batteries to Boats as It Raises New Funding

By Thomas Price Sunday, January 17, 2021

With environmental consciousness being at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, more and more industries have been finding new and creative ways to make their products and services more environmentally efficient and sustainable. Especially for consumer transportation, the transition from fossil fuel-based motors and engines has been very fast-moving. Although striving toward alternative energies has been mostly limited to automobiles and larger trucks, startup Pure Watercraft is aiming to change all of that through their revolutionary products built for sustainable boating as well. So, what does Pure Watercraft do, what kind of funding has the startup received, and what can be expected from them in the future?

What Is Pure Watercraft?

Pure Watercraft is a startup working heavily in electric boating technology. What has driven attention toward the startup so far is the development of their electric outboard motor system which could easily change the entire makeup of the present-day boating industry.

The basic premise of the technology is the creation of an electric motor for smaller boats that would replace the current motor technology that is still heavily reliant on gasoline. Beyond simply creating the motors, the technology the startup has developed, comes with a variety of features making it even more valuable. Among those features, the highlights are rapid charging with speeds up to 90 minutes for a half charge on a 240V outlet, GPS enabled throttle, a modular battery system, completely silent propulsion, and a fully sealed engine resulting in no need for outward maintenance.

Pure Watercraft’s electric outboard has propulsion capabilities equivalent to a 50 HP gas outlet. However, one of the major hallmarks for the company is that it produces an electric outboard motor known for its 100% clean electricity, therefore resulting in zero emissions.

The company’s products include simply the outboard system and a collection of different boats such as bass boats, rigid inflatables, pontoon boats, and coaching launches. These products have been available for pre-order for many years; However, the first production will be launched and delivered to the public during the first part of 2021. The pricing for the outboard motor products will be $6,000 for the motor, $8,500 for the battery, and $2,000 for a charger. The products developed and soon to be launched by Pure Watercraft have created a serious group of investors excited about the startup.

Pure Watercraft’s Recent Funding Round and Future Plans

In Pure Watercraft’s Series A funding round, the startup raised a total of $37.5 million. The funding round was led by hybrid venture capital and private equity firm L37. Due to the firm’s contributions, Managing Partner of L37 Randall Ussery will join the startup’s board of directors. 

Pure Watercraft plans to use the new funding to scale up its operations to become more commercially available as a viable alternative to traditional gas-powered outboards.

Final Conclusions

Pure Watercraft is a startup with a new product that could bring clean energy to an entirely new sector of consumer items.The fact that boating is a fairly untapped market in comparison to the automotive industry, the development of a zero emission outboard with strong propulsion is a huge step in the right direction. Adding to the startup’s products being set to launch this year, is a Series A funding round, which shows genuine enthusiasm for what is being created. Adding up all of these factors, the company looks comfortably set to find major success in the future especially as the world becomes even more environmentally conscious.

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