proSapient Raises Series A Funding for Research Platform Startup

By Thomas Price Friday, January 22, 2021

When building a new business or working on a major project, one of the many vital aspects to success falls on the research, expertise, and resources available. However, for many business owners or investors, they often lack in at least one of those three categories. Especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, reaching out to find experts or information is more difficult than ever. Startup proSapient has developed a business platform that is built to alleviate those difficulties like never before. With high-scale business technology, a vast network of experts on call, and now, a strong Series A funding round, the startup is better equipped to assist business owners and investors than nearly any other single resource.

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proSapient’s Platform and Growth

proSapient is a startup that has created a software as a service, or SaaS, platform specifically for connecting to a vast network of experts and providing primary research. The platform offers a large number of services and features, including consultations with experts in person or over the phone, customized surveys to better gauge insight from executives and consumers, a transcript library, expert placement to connect companies to the right people, strategy projects, and messaging, among others.

The startup company ensures the best possible results for each of these services through the use of technology such as machine learning. Other major pieces of software that help proSapient remain incredibly effective are RPA, or robotic process automation, to reach out to experts quickly, and ARTY, or the expert recommendation engine that analyzes the customers’ information and brief in order to match them with the best and most qualified experts in a specific field.

This technology is already proving to be incredibly popular among different businesses and investors. In fact, the startup’s platform is already being used by over 100 different clients across the United States and Europe. Beyond clients, the startup is also seeing significant success, with the company seeing its revenue growth increase by 100% year over year.

proSapient’s Funding Round and Future Plans

In proSapient’s Series A funding round, the startup raised $10 million. This brings the total funding up to $18 million for the startup. The funding round was led by Smedvig Capital with participation from Guy Hands and 24 Haymarket. The startup company’s main plans for using this money will be to help them continue to expand internationally in order to reach clients from all over the world. Given the reach that proSapient already has, the added funding will certainly be a major boost for the business.

When commenting on the recent funding, proSapient co-founder Jordan Shlosberg said, “We created proSapient to address the need of investors and consultants to access high-quality experts and primary research. The platform has developed into a single point of primary research that is easy to use and allows our clients to quickly access the best research, whilst managing diligence projects and collaborating with colleagues. We are delighted to welcome Smedvig and Guy Hands as investors and to appoint Mike Wroe as Chairman.”

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