Polytomic Raises Seed Funding for Startup’s Business Data System

By Thomas Price Friday, February 12, 2021

With many companies transitioning to online or digital systems, there is now more data available to them. However, the fractured and sectioned nature of many different departments within a business poses a situation where data is split between dozens of different systems and infrastructures. This disconnect can bog down the pace of business or even prevent data from being accessed by all departments of a company, wasting the collected information. Polytomic is a tech startup that has created an application specifically to mitigate this problem. The startup will help companies to sync business data across all applications and departments in order to streamline the process completely. Furthermore, a recent seed funding round has pushed the startup toward future expansion.

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Polytomic’s Product and Early Growth

Polytomic is a tech startup that has developed and launched an application built to sync all internal data to business systems. Most companies use a variety of different business systems for advertising, sales, logistics, and other departments. Each system collects internal data that can be used to improve individual departments over time. The startup’s application simply syncs that data to every single business system used, so every department has easy access to all available information. This can greatly improve performance across the board and provide necessary data to departments that would otherwise need to search for it or contact someone else in order to find it.

The startup’s product offers several features, including a universal data model to make it easier to understand and see vital information, a fully supported system, and the option to either store data internally or on a cloud to ensure privacy and security.

While Polytomic is still relatively new, the startup has already proven to be popular with several companies using the service including names such as Brex, Vanta, Sourcegraph, and ShipBob, among others.

Polytomic’s Seed Funding Round and Future Plans

In Polytomic’s seed funding round, the company raised $2.4 million. The funding round was led by Caffeinated Capital with participation from Bow Capital, Tracy Young, Ralph Gootee, and several other individual investors. The company’s first plans will certainly be to begin hiring employees as the startup only consists of the CEO Ghalib Suleiman and CTO Nathan Yergler. Beyond that, money will most likely be used in order to expand the business into more companies and improve upon the product as time goes on.

When commenting on the value of the product that was developed, CEO of Polytomic, Ghalib Suleiman, said, “We sync internal data to business systems. You can imagine your sales team living in Salesforce and would like to see who’s using your product from your customer data that lives in other internal databases. We have a no-code web app that moves internal data to the business systems of the office.”

With this newest funding and the already growing list of businesses using the product, Polytomic looks set to see further expansion over the course of 2021.

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