Podchaser Raises Funding to Develop Podcast Catalog for Startups

By Thomas Price Tuesday, January 26, 2021

With the widespread access to high-speed internet growing rapidly, the podcast medium has exploded in recent years as audio platforms of all different kinds can easily host them for free or through a subscription. As a result, there has never been more content from thousands of creators available to the general public. The extensive amount of content available has made it nearly impossible for any single person to be aware of or listen to all existing podcasts. Podchaser is a startup that is developing a database of all podcasts as a resource for all people and podcast listeners. The startup recently raised funding in order to further pursue this goal. Considering the recent funding, how exactly does Podchaser work, what kind of funding was raised, and what are the future goals of the company?

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Podchaser’s Database

Podchaser’s platform is meant to work very similarly to the Internet Movie Database or IMDb, except exclusively for podcasts and the many different figures who have appeared on them. The database the startup has created is already well under way as it has logged an incredible 8.5 million different podcast credits. The database also comes with several different features such as creator profiles, podcast pages, episode ratings and user reviews, curated podcast lists, and a pro edition built specifically for creators and business end podcast production, among others.

Beyond the features of the website, the startup’s database is already proving to be rather popular as well. In fact, over the course of the past year, Podchaser saw their monthly active user base quintuple, showing unbelievable growth. The startup has also created multiple revenue streams from the site offering earnings with both features Podchaser Pro, the paid version of the site, and providing podcast players with access to their credits through an API.

“We’re excited for the future of Podchaser. We’re doubling down on growing our avid community and connecting the industry with the data necessary to power podcast discovery for listeners, podcasters, and brands,” said Podchaser to Startup Savant.

Podchaser’s Recent Funding and Future Plans

In Podchaser’s most recent funding round, the startup raised $4 million. The company’s funding round was led by Greycroft with participation from Advancit Capital, LightShed Ventures, Powerhouse Capital, High Alpha, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and Poplar Ventures, among others. The startup plans to use this funding to further push data logging and begin implementing features meant to boost user engagement and contribution, including a gamification system and a discussion feature.

When commenting on the funding round and the podcast market, Greycroft co-founder and chairman Alan Patrciof said in a statement, “Even in the face of a pandemic, the podcast market continues to grow at a breakneck pace. The demand from consumers and brands is insatiable. Podchaser’s data and discovery tools are crucial to taking podcasting to new heights.”

Final Conclusions

Podcasts are increasingly becoming one of, if not the most popular long-form content that is regularly consumed. With more content published every day, Podchaser’s database is becoming the largest resource for podcast listeners to keep up and learn. With the added boost of funding and plans for larger expansion of the platform, Podchaser looks primed for a bright future ahead.

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