Green Sports Alliance Foundation and Game Changers Institute Partner to Create Plant-Based Sports Nutrition

By Thomas Price Friday, March 26, 2021

As more enthusiasm continues to build for climate action in the face of environmental projections, one of the areas that has recently been experiencing more attention has been that of nutrition. With many traditional animal products such as milk and meat being replaced with plant-based alternatives, the Green Sports Alliance Foundation and Game Changers Institute have recently partnered up to do the same for sports and athletic nutrition. The partnership could have a serious impact on the future of sports nutrition and will make larger contributions to several related causes.

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The Goal of the Partnership

The major goal of the partnership between the Green Sports Alliance Foundation and the Game Changers Institute is to promote the use of plant-based alternatives to traditional nutrition philosophies in athletics. The movement to plant-based sports nutrition gained serious momentum after the release of the documentary film “The Game Changers.” This led to the eventual creation of the Game Changers Institute to help further promote research and science-backed approaches to plant-based nutrition.

The partnership between the two organizations will involve bringing together a major list of plant-based athletes, well-known figures in the sports world, and fans from all over the world. Through large awareness campaigns focused on the differences between traditional sports nutrition and plant-based nutrition, the partnership hopes to change the culture around the topic and build momentum for future plant-based products.

Outside of simply promoting plant-based nutrition as a healthy and effective alternative to traditional sports nutrition, the two organizations are also heavily pushing the far more sustainable environmental impact of the latter. In fact, much of the campaign will focus on the link between climate action and plant-based nutrition.

The Science Behind the Partnership

Transitioning away from animal agriculture and products would have a serious environmental impact. In fact, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal agriculture is responsible for 14.5% of all GHG emissions. Along with this, it is also responsible for a whopping 30% of humanity’s freshwater footprint. At the same time, the massive amount of resources needed to sustain the industry can lead to food insecurity within communities disproportionately affected by climate change and poverty.

When just focusing on the nutritional aspects of the movement, plant-based protein has been scientifically backed as just as effective for athletes as traditional animal protein. This dual approach of environmental impact and nutritional effectiveness should help the two organizations garner enthusiasm among fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

When commenting on the recent partnership between the two organizations, Executive Director of the Game Changers Institute James Wilks said, “The exponential growth of plant-based eating in elite athletics creates incredible potential for players, teams and sports communities across the world to lead the way in creating a fitter, healthier population and a more just and sustainable planet. We couldn't be more excited to partner with the Green Sports Alliance Foundation in supporting this critical and historic shift.”

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