Plannuh Raises $4 Million to Grow Its Marketing Leadership Automation Platform

By Thomas Price | Tuesday, September 21, 2021 | Startup, Tech

Plannuh is a tech startup that has built an automated marketing leadership solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help business owners save money and increase revenue. The company recently closed a new funding round to help expand its own business and improve current technology.

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How Plannuh Works and Rapid Growth of the Business

Tech startup Plannuh has designed a software solution that helps to better plan, organize, budget, and measure marketing campaigns. The company does this by consolidating all information into a single, cloud-based system where a business can manage every dollar spent in real time. Plannuh allows for each marketing campaign to stay on track by directly measuring the impact launched campaigns have on a business. This provides insight into the actual return on investment, allowing a company to understand which actions taken are the most effective. 

The tech startup makes these features fully automated by integrating its AI technology, while business owners save time to focus on other aspects of a marketing campaign. Users can also save more time with the company’s fully collaborative solution, which allows multiple people to edit and manage the same marketing campaign simultaneously. This feature has become more effective as more employees adopt remote work. 

The value of the company’s product has helped to rapidly expand business. In the last 12 months alone, the tech startup has increased its annual revenue by over six times. Furthermore, the company has begun taking on several new clients, with over 50 added during that same period of time. 

In addition to its marketing leadership software, the tech startup also offers an operational marketing index to help maximize the effectiveness of a budget and a CMO online community of over 10,000 members that features exclusive content focused on marketing strategy. 

The rapid growth for Plannuh has attracted several investors who see significant potential in the marketing leadership platform moving forward.

Plannuh Funding and Next Steps

In its latest funding round, Plannuh raised $4.1 million in equity. The funding round was led by Ripple Ventures with participation from existing investors Glasswing Ventures and Gradient Ventures. 

The company plans to use the new funding to scale up its current product to take on a larger customer base. The tech startup will also invest in improving its AI to better forecast costs and provide recommendations to users that would improve current marketing plans. Plannuh will also be looking into expanding the capabilities of its software, adding new features and products that will create a more comprehensive product for users. 

When commenting on the latest funding for the tech startup, Ripple Ventures Managing Partner Matt Cohen said, “It is well known that finance and marketing teams often do not see eye to eye. This largely stems from the fact that finance teams are numbers-driven, and historically marketing teams have struggled to demonstrate the value that advertising campaigns have on revenue. Another major issue for marketing teams is that most of their planning, budgeting, and expense tracking is done manually, either on paper or in Excel. Plannuh is on a mission to solve these inefficiencies and help quantify the effectiveness of marketing spend, thus reducing the friction between marketing and finance departments, and helping marketing teams get better results. This is what makes us so excited to lead this investment round in Plannuh alongside an amazing group of investors.”

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