Greg Joswiak Becomes Apple's Top Marketing Executive

By Avi Ben Ezra Thursday, August 13, 2020

On Tuesday, Apple reported that Phil Schiller, a top product marketing executive at the firm, will step down and be replaced by its long-serving chief marketing officer, Greg Joswiak.

The firm said Schiller would continue to serve as an "Apple Fellow" at the firm and, among other responsibilities, manage the Apple App Store and the company's communications. He will keep reporting to Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive.

"Phil has helped build Apple’s business today and his efforts are broad, significant, and strong," Cook said in a release. He said that Joswiak's many years of business leadership made him "perfectly prepared for this new position."

The step follows the exit over the last few years of several influential company leaders, including Jony Ive, Apple 's former design director, and Angela Ahrendts, who once worked as the company's retail director.

Schiller’s Statement

"I will continue to work here as long as they have me," Schiller, 60, said in a statement from the firm. "I do plan to take more time with my family, friends, and a few personal projects in the years ahead that I care deeply for."

In several ways, Schiller's position as Head of Marketing underestimated his appropriate role at the firm. The Apple executive has collaborated closely with Steve Jobs, Ive, and Scott Forstall, the former head of software, to develop and design the company's most important devices, including the iPhone and iPad. Schiller's been working at Apple since 1987.

Schiller has commented on the production of the original iPad in an interview last October. Around 2005, he and other Apple executives watched a presentation on multitouch technology by Bas Ording, an interface designer, in which he tried to pretend to scroll on the screen, and the screen moved up and down, imitating realistic physics.

The team agreed to table a tablet production to focus on adding multitouch functionality to a mobile, which later would become the iPhone. The success of the iPhone, followed by the App Store’s introduction, provided Apple with a foundation for developing the iPad.

"We've all been excited that when you think about all of Apple 's greatest devices through history, generally the user interface design is crucial to the break from the past — whether it was the mouse and the Laptop, the click wheel on the iPod — this will be one of those moments," he said.

Once Jobs had taken leave of the business before his death, Schiller held marketing campaigns for the brand to launch new products. Many assumed that Schiller was among those who could replace Jobs, even as it was clear that Cook would take over.

Schiller’s Previous Work Experience

Schiller has previously overseen the App Store, which is facing criticism for reducing app sales and in-store purchases by 30 percent. Last week on Capitol Hill, Lawmakers asked Cook about the app store, saying that the strategy was anti-competitive and asking why Apple rated its apps ahead of rivals' deals. Among other issues, they noted that when they started selling virtual classes during the coronavirus pandemic, Apple tried to collect its commission on the sales from companies like ClassPass and Airbnb.

Joswiak, 56, another former Apple veteran renowned for his gregariousness, authorizes iPhone and iPod marketing. He's working behind the scenes most often, providing media professionals presentations on new products. He made few appearances on stage, but in the last few years, he became more personally involved in events.

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