Outdoorsy Recognized as Top Startup Employer

By Bruce Harpham Sunday, March 21, 2021

Outdoorsy, a startup that runs an RV rental marketplace, has been recognized as a top startup employer by Forbes. Forbes evaluated more than 2,500 American startup businesses with a minimum of fifty employees to develop the list. Significantly, this is the second year Forbes has recognized the Austin-based business.

Outdoorsy co-founders Jen Young and Jeff Cavins.

Maintaining High Employee Morale

The startup company has maintained employee engagement by using several strategies over the past year. As an outdoor-oriented business, the company gives employees the option to work on a Wi-Fi-enabled rooftop patio, work in the office, or work from home.

“Leaning on Outdoorsy’s mission to make outdoorsy accessible to everyone, the Outdoorsy team members are given two fully comped trips that they can take each year to have some time away from screens, traffic and the trappings of modern life,” Jen Young, co-founder and CMO of Outdoorsy, told Startup Savant in an interview.

The business also provides time off in several formats to help employees thrive.

“We’re proud to have a company program in place where we provide full health insurance coverage, unlimited PTO (paid time off), monthly mental health days where team members are encouraged to take one Friday a month off work to spend however they choose,” added Young.

Inside the Outdoorsy Business Model

As a marketplace company, Outdoorsy earns revenue in several ways. The business earns service fees from owners and renters. These general fees range in price and start at 20% per booking, which can be made on the platform. In addition, the company charges late fees and administrative charges in some cases. Users have booked more than two million travel days on the platform. Like Airbnb, the company offers a $1 million insurance policy to reassure users.

Plans to Remain a Top Startup Employer in 2021

The business is already making plans to maintain its reputation as a top employer this year. In addition to maintaining its existing company programs, the company has two new ideas to help employees.

“We implemented summer Fridays for the first time last year, and we will continue to invite the Outdoorsy team to dedicate their Fridays to do whatever they wish. They can take the time to take a longer weekend, a short trip, spend the time to find or work on their hobby or anything else,” said Young.

Sending people away from the company to recharge is just part of the strategy. The business is also planning to start a midweek meetup to share news and stay connected. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, the business currently has one hundred and forty-eight employees.

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