Outcomes4Me Streamlines Breast Cancer Treatment and Garners Strong Seed Funding

By Thomas Price Thursday, December 3, 2020

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Breast Cancer remains a major health crisis across the world as millions and millions of people have been affected by it for decades. While treatments and solutions for breast cancer have certainly improved over time, there is still a great need for as much help as possible for both researchers and those afflicted by it. Especially in regard to those who have breast cancer, tools to help better understand specific conditions, correct treatments, and the best possible path forward are needed. This is where the startup Outcomes4Me comes into play. Through an app that streamlines information, news, and diagnostic tools, patients will be able to have many necessary resources concentrated into one location. While still relatively new, Outcomes4Me recently raised initial seed funding to help build and grow upon the work already being done. So, what exactly does the startup and the products at Outcomes4Me do, and what will eventually be done with the seed money recently raised?

Outcomes4Me App and Company

Outcomes4Me is, at its core, a startup with the single-minded mission of creating an easier and more streamlined experience for cancer patients. Their mission has been achieved through the development of the company’s app, which aggregates news and resources, provides information on nearby clinical trials, and in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning, can provide treatment options for breast cancer patients based on their medical records along with logged symptoms. This technology has already been put to use on medical records in 700 different institutions both in Canada and the United States.

Led by CEO and Doctor of Science Maya R. Said and Dr. Osama E. Rahma, the startup has put together a diverse team of experts both in the medical field as well as the technological field to develop this app. The app is HIPPA-compliant and provides information directly to patients that was once only meant for physicians, such as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines. Additionally, patients can find up-to-date information on drugs and treatments on the app as well.

Outcomes4Me represents the first-ever free, personalized, commercially available app to offer these resources to patients regardless of their socioeconomic standing or healthcare provider, marking a major achievement in helping provide an equal standard of information and tools that patients have access to across the globe. More than 10,000 different breast cancer patients have used the app in the prior year, and it is available for free download on both iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. As a result, Outcomes4Me has received strong seed funding to help expand the scope of their project.

Outcomes4Me Seed Funding and Future Plans

Earlier in November, Outcomes4Me secured an impressive $4.7 million in seed funding to help continue their work and grow upon it. The funding was led by Asset Management Ventures with smaller participation from Sierra Ventures Ltd., Merstal Ltd., and notably, federal funds coming from the National Cancer Institute. The startup plans to use this funding to improve the interface, hire a larger team, and expand current resources and information available to breast cancer patients and begin creating similar frameworks on the same app for the many different types of cancer. The goal will eventually be to have Outcomes4Me become an equally valuable tool for different kinds of people diagnosed with cancer, vastly broadening the scope to cover these bases. Considering the usefulness and transparency of information currently available to breast cancer patients using the app, expanding this to all cancer patients could genuinely be a huge breakthrough within the field. It has the capability to drastically help users find the most effective treatments and clinical trials in their area.

Final Conclusions

Outcomes4Me is offering an app that levels the playing field of information for breast cancer patients in a way that has never been seen before. Especially considering these services offered on the app are free, the $4.7 million in seed funding will make a huge difference for the startup that could translate into helping millions of cancer patients across the globe within a few years. As the startup continues to expand, expectations remain extremely high.

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